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PostFinance launches four new investment solutions

PostFinance is expanding its range of investment products and launching four new digital investment solutions. Customers can select the level of support provided in line with their own requirements – from making investment decisions independently to complete management by PostFinance. In this way, PostFinance is providing investors with a selection of attractive investment products.

From 5 May 2020, PostFinance will be offering its customers four new investment solutions – in addition to e-trading – to help them achieve asset growth in a targeted way over the long-term. If they wish, investors can assume personal responsibility for executing their own securities transactions online, take advantage of comprehensive personal advice or delegate the management of their invested assets entirely to PostFinance. The new range is made up of the following solutions:

  • With e-asset management, customers select an investment strategy and one of the three investment focus options – “Switzerland”, “Global” or “Sustainable” – and delegate the management of their assets to PostFinance. It then continually monitors the portfolio and makes adjustments if necessary. The investment universe consists of a range of carefully selected third-party funds and exchange traded funds. Customers can increase or reduce the amount invested independently at any time.
  • They make their investment decisions independently with fund consulting basic. They can also obtain advice online or in person from a PostFinance customer advisor if they wish. The investment options consist of a proven range of PostFinance Fonds as well as carefully selected third-party funds.
  • With investment consulting plus, the customers select an investment strategy and one of the three investment focus options – “Switzerland”, “Global” or “Sustainable” – and benefit from comprehensive personal advice – exactly as they wish, either digitally or from a specialized customer advisor. If the investment portfolio diverges from the selected investment strategy, PostFinance automatically notifies its customers and presents them with new investment or reallocation proposals digitally. The range of investment options consists of carefully selected third-party funds and exchange traded funds.
  • Customers make their own investment decisions without any customer-specific advice with the fund self-service. They select from the range of proven PostFinance Fonds and third-party funds and execute their investment transactions completely online.

PostFinance customers can subscribe to one or more of the new investment solutions directly in their e-finance.

“The new e-asset management and investment consulting plus marks the start of a new chapter in investment business at PostFinance. Not only do we provide highly attractive investment solutions for all relevant customer requirements, but we have also combined the strengths of customer advice with digital processes and have integrated them into PostFinance’s existing e-finance environment,” explains Daniel Mewes, Head of Investment Solutions and Member of the Executive Board at PostFinance. “This means customers can benefit from professional asset management with investments from 5,000 francs at PostFinance.”

PostFinance investment compass

PostFinance has its own investment committee which meets monthly – or even more frequently in the event of extraordinary market developments, such as the COVID-19 pandemic at the moment. It monitors macroeconomic developments as well as those on the national and international financial markets and determines PostFinance’s currently applicable investment strategy for customer investment business on the basis of this. The investment committee’s decisions determine PostFinance’s market view on the financial markets. This is published in the PostFinance investment compass (available as a detailed or concise version) and is available to investors free of charge.


The information on the new investment solutions contained in this press release is advertising for PostFinance.