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PostFinance is getting a new logo

Two dynamic, curved quarter circles that combine to form a stylized interpretation of the Swiss cross – this is the new PostFinance logo, which will be introduced in stages from spring 2024 as part of a brand makeover. PostFinance is also getting a new font and a new colour palette.

The new PostFinance brand identity is fresh and modern. It builds on the company’s heritage, identity and proven values of stability, security and reliability. “The new logo emphasizes PostFinance’s positioning – including digitally – as a dynamic and innovative bank in a highly competitive market,” says Marcel Bührer, Chairman of the PostFinance Board of Directors.

Stylized Swiss cross and new font

The core design element of the logo is an interpretation of the Swiss cross: two curved quarter circles forming a stylized Swiss cross that runs through the new PostFinance brand identity and lends it dynamism and modernity. The continuity of the word mark provides customers with an orientation point and affirms their trust in PostFinance as a systemically important bank. Chairman of the Board of Directors Marcel Bührer says: “Through its strong word mark, PostFinance is honouring its roots and highlighting its affiliation with Swiss Post. The new digitally usable logo also creates high recognition value for customers.”

The trademarked colour “Swiss Post yellow” is complemented by the colour “petrol”. Two new accent colours – “grapefruit” and “light blue” – complete the colour palette. The adoption of a new Swiss font gives PostFinance a new “handwriting”. It has a distinct and expressive character, but is also simple and original.

Step-by-step introduction of the new identity

PostFinance has reviewed the previous logo in recent months, after Swiss Post presented its modernized logo in spring 2023. PostFinance will introduce its new brand identity on a step-by-step and resource-efficient basis from spring 2024. During the implementation phase between now and 2025, customers will encounter both the old and new logos at the same time.

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