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PostFinance celebrates the 10th anniversary of its tower in Bern

On 1 April, PostFinance is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its headquarters – the striking PostFinance Tower in Bern. The company has taken advantage of the familiar date to play an April Fool’s joke.

PostFinance published a communication on the morning 1 of April 2023 announcing that it plans to wrap its headquarters at Bern’s Guisanplatz in cooling film during the summer months. This is of course an April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, the company has not yet been able to find any special film that could effectively cool an entire building while also being translucent and allowing light to pass through. The PostFinance Tower, which was supposed to have been wrapped up, is celebrating its 10th anniversary today, 1 April. The financial institution moved into its then new headquarters at Mingerstrasse 20 in Bern exactly ten years ago today.

Buildings as a central element of the climate targets

All jokes aside, PostFinance is making progress for the climate and the environment. In accordance with Swiss Post Group’s ambitious climate and energy targets, PostFinance is working towards internal climate neutrality by 2030 and net zero by 2040. PostFinance’s four bank buildings – the headquarters and Engehalde location in Bern and the locations in Zofingen and Bellinzona – are very important in this respect. Zofingen and Engehalde use “MeteoViva Climate”, a system that helps to minimize energy consumption and optimize comfort for users by incorporating the weather forecast. The four buildings already operate without fossil fuels, and the excess heat from the data centers is used to heat the offices and, in part, also the water. Various projects for further energy renovation and expansion of photovoltaic production are planned or already being implemented.