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Philipp Merkt appointed as new Chief Investment Officer at PostFinance

Philipp Merkt was appointed the new Chief Investment Officer and Head of Asset Management Solutions at PostFinance on 1 April 2022. His goal is to turn PostFinance into a leading Swiss investment bank. Philipp Merkt succeeds Daniel Mewes, who has taken up a new challenge outside of the company.

Philipp Merkt will continue to drive PostFinance’s investment business forward in his role as Chief Investment Officer and Head of Asset Management Solutions. The 49-year-old banker joined PostFinance from a major bank in 2015 and has since held various leadership roles at PostFinance. His most recent position was as Head of Private and Business Customers in the Central/North Western Switzerland region.

Key investment business

The Executive Board and Board of Directors believe that he is ideal for the position. “Philipp Merkt is extremely well qualified and, above all, has 20 years of valuable experience in the banking sector. The investment business is a key, strategic pillar for us, and we require an expert who is far-sighted, bold and customer-centric. I’m delighted to appoint Philipp Merkt, an internal candidate, to this key role. He is very familiar with our strategy as well as our customers and their needs,” says Sandra Lienhart, Head of Retail Banking and Member of the Executive Board.

“We’re here for everyone in Switzerland.”

Merkt has set his targets: “My ambition is to turn PostFinance into one of Switzerland’s leading investment banks. We’re here for everyone in Switzerland – whether they want to invest 150,000 or 20 francs. Our market view and model portfolios mean we possess an outstanding level of expertise.” And it’s important to him that “PostFinance’s passion and enthusiasm for the investment business is evident and conveyed to others.”

PostFinance is an important investment bank, with over a billion francs under management in e-asset management, which was launched two years ago, and total customer assets in all asset solutions of around 15 billion francs.

Philipp Merkt and his Investment Office team are available for questions, interviews and to share their views about investment and asset management solutions.