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The new digital finance app from Swissquote and PostFinance is here

A new era of mobile banking has dawned in Switzerland. Swissquote and PostFinance have unveiled a revolutionary digital finance app at a virtual launch event. Starting from now, Yuh can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Anyone who wants to be part of the Yuh community can open an account directly from their smartphone – quickly, simply, and with no need to fill in any tedious paper forms.

Yuh will take mobile money management to another level in Switzerland. The revolutionary aspect is the “3-in-1” mix: With the Yuh app, you can not only execute payments and save for future projects or goals, but also make small or large investments, all from your smartphone. You can invest in 100+ of the most popular global stocks, such as Apple, Nike, Tesla or Coca-Cola, in ETFs, in trending themes, or even in 13 selected cryptocurrencies. “We want to make life as easy as possible for people,” says Markus Schwab, CEO of Yuh. “With Yuh we place the entire financial world in the palm of their hands. Everyone should be free to decide when, where and how they manage their money.”

The “low-to-no-fees” principle

“Low-to-no-fees” means what it implies: no fees wherever possible, and low fees if these have to be charged – with full transparency at all times. There are no basic fees charged for Yuh, be it for account management, payments, P2P transfers or debit card. Fees for the purchase or sale of equities (0.5%) or cryptocurrencies (1%) will be kept as low as possible, and displayed transparently at all times. Which means “Yuhsers” are protected against hidden costs. And if there are any surprises at all, they will be positive.

“There is one more thing… Swissqoin!”

The revolution does not stop here. The arrival of Yuh has been coupled with the launch of a new Swiss cryptocurrency. The exciting thing about that? Lots! But for “Yuhsers”, one thing above all: Thanks to Swissqoin, you can participate directly in the success of the app. Anyone who opens a Yuh account and deposits at least CHF 500 will receive 500 Swissqoins free of charge. Additional Swissqoins can be earned through activities on the app and traded with other “Yuhsers”. And the value of every Swissqoin can only rise, as Yuh will regularly invest a proportion of its revenues in this new cryptocurrency. Yuh will therefore be sharing its success with the entire community.

Heading into the future

With two strong, innovative founding partners at its side, Yuh has been given the potential right from the outset to challenge the current conventions in the financial industry and consistently set new benchmarks. Yuh is therefore focusing on an ambitious goal: “To become the most beloved financial app”. And the adventure has only just begun. Yuh has big plans and is already working on the next highlights, which will be revealed over the coming months.