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Even easier mortgage comparison thanks to Valuu

The digital brokerage platform Valuu now offers its users a clearer overview when searching, comparing and taking out mortgages. This makes it easier for customers to access favourable interest rates from the comfort of their sofa – and also to receive personal advice from an expert.

Valuu now offers its users a clearer overview when comparing mortgages in the web app. The independent brokerage platform from PostFinance has a new user interface. “We have used the feedback from our customers to make taking out a mortgage digitally via Valuu even faster and easier,” says Thomas Jakob, Head of Valuu. Since its launch in January 2019, Valuu has already financed mortgages totalling over CHF 100 million. Valuu has around 7,000 registered users and 18 lenders and continues to grow steadily. On average, users compare their offers twelve times with Valuu and can then pick out the best from the comfort of their own sofa – quickly and conveniently. The updated navigation makes it even easier to search, compare and take out binding mortgage offers digitally: the mortgage offers are always visible and are automatically recalculated with each entry.

Greater confidence with free advice

“We are continually working on optimizing our offers and processes,” says Thomas Jakob. The new user interface also places more emphasis on the free advice services offered by Valuu. Customers can contact their personal advisor via chat or telephone with just one click. The advisor will help with any questions and obtain additional individual offers upon request.

A recent study conducted by the University of St. Gallen (HSG) on behalf of Ernst & Young Global Limited showed that personal advisory services increase confidence in digital financial products. According to the study, users’ confidence increases by up to 34 percent if they are offered contact opportunities. For this reason, Valuu consistently focuses on individual contact with its customers. The goal is to become Switzerland’s leading online mortgage brokerage platform.

Source: EY, The link will open in a new window «Is trust powered by a heartbeat or a beep?»