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E-trading from PostFinance celebrates its 20th anniversary

In 2001, PostFinance launched e-trading, making it one of the first banks in Switzerland to offer a platform for online securities trading. As a pioneer in independent digital investment, it has continuously developed this service over the intervening years, while also expanding its range of other investment services. Today, PostFinance is the investment bank for retail customers who want simple digital investment solutions at a fair price.

E-trading from PostFinance is extremely popular: over 70,000 customers use the PostFinance trading platform and have invested 10 billion francs in securities such as shares, derivatives and ETFs. “The ability to perform stock exchange transactions via smartphone has become significantly more important over the past few years. With e-trading, we have provided a simple and secure platform for more than 20 years, enabling our customers to invest in interesting companies and markets around the world. Stock exchange transactions can be carried out independently anywhere and at any time, from a computer or a smartphone,” says Daniel Mewes, Chief Investment Officer at PostFinance.

E-trading is popular because of its intuitive design, fair fees and continuous development. An important milestone was its collaboration with Swissquote, which began in spring 2016. This enables e-trading customers to benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure, a feature that has brought many new investors to PostFinance. In addition, new services such as sponsored trades have been launched, and innovative investment instruments such as wikifolio certificates have been integrated.

A comprehensive range of products for retail customers

E-trading is only one component of PostFinance’s investment universe, however. In recent years, the financial services provider has established itself in the retail market as an investment bank with a comprehensive range of products. “Investing is no longer just for people with a great deal of money. It’s now an activity that the average person in Switzerland can enjoy,” says Daniel Mewes. “In the current interest rate environment, if you leave your money in a savings account, you will experience monetary devaluation due to inflation and zero interest rates. This is why we provide suitable investment instruments for every asset, every need and every risk profile, enabling our customers to get the most from their money.” Depending on the solution, customers can either make their own investment decisions, seek a consultation or delegate decisions to PostFinance experts.

PostFinance market view: investment compass and CIO video

PostFinance has its own investment committee, which usually meets on a monthly basis. It monitors macroeconomic developments and trends on the national and international financial markets and uses these to determine the currently applicable investment strategy for customer investment business. “We launched our e-asset management in May 2020, and according to our market assessment, more than 700 million francs have been invested in this solution since then. All 15 model portfolios show positive returns and also do very well compared with the competition,” says Daniel Mewes happily.

The investment committee’s decisions determine PostFinance’s market view on the financial markets. This is published in the PostFinance investment compass and the CIO video “Investing with foresight”, and is available to investors free of charge at www.postfinance.ch/houseview.


The information on e-trading and other investment solutions contained in this press release is advertising for PostFinance.