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Alessandro Rausa appointed new CEO of Finform

On 1 April 2021, Alessandro Rausa will take over the operational management of Finform AG as CEO. The various positions held by the 47-year-old – including CEO of beem, founder and Chief Product Officer of TWINT as well as leadership positions at PostFinance for many years – make him the perfect fit for the Swiss fin-tech and reg-tech company.

“Finform makes a key contribution for financial institutions by improving the efficiency of cost-intensive compliance processes resulting in significant cost reductions for all participating banks,” said Alessandro Rausa, CEO-designate of Finform, who added that: “We aim to achieve even more – Finform’s services can reduce the time taken to open an account to a maximum of 15 minutes.” Finform’s solution creates an improved customer experience at the decisive first touchpoint with the bank. “And that makes a lasting impact. We all know first impressions count,” indicated Alessandro Rausa. On 1 April, Stephan Käser, the interim CEO of Finform AG, will hand over operational management to the 47-year-old.

Account, card and login data for e-banking and app ready to send in 15 minutes

“In Alessandro Rausa we’re getting a very well connected CEO with start-up experience. I firmly believe that together we will successfully implement the strategy being pursued of a Switzerland-wide compliance utility. He’ll fit into our team well with his winning mentality which makes him a perfect match for us,” said Markus Fuhrer, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Finform AG. Finform – a joint venture between Axon IVY AG and PostFinance Ltd – has specialized in the standardization and automation of compliance services. Finform employs 32 staff and is currently rolling out its solution at all branches of PostFinance and Swiss Post – that means at 800 locations with over 4,000 front-office employees. In the digital channel, Finform is part of the new PostFinance App. With the Finform solution, PostFinance will process account openings at the counter in real time from 2021.  Customers get their account within 15 minutes. The card and login data for e-banking and the app are ready for sending, and PostFinance can streamline its processes, thus creating value for everyone.

From PostFinance via TWINT and beem to Finform

Alessandro Rausa held various leadership positions at PostFinance for many years. Until recently, he was CEO of the Swisscom start-up beem. Prior to that, he set up TWINT as co-founder and deputy to the CEO. In his role as Chief Product Officer, he established an extensive network in the banking industry at TWINT. “I believe strongly in cooperation. In an increasingly heavily regulated environment, joint ventures are a key element in ensuring the Swiss financial industry remains highly competitive. By creating a platform for the joint, centralized handling of compliance processes, Finform ensures all participants can benefit,” explained Alessandro Rausa. Peter Delfosse, a member of the Board of Directors at Finform and Chairman of the Board at AXON IVY AG, is also delighted by the new appointment: “By appointing Alessandro Rausa as CEO, we have acquired a highly impressive entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of the Swiss financial industry.”.

Optimal combination of software and services

Finform AG was founded in June 2016 as a joint venture between AXON IVY AG and PostFinance Ltd. As a Swiss software and service provider, Finform greatly simplifies the handling and verification of compliance requirements. This is achieved through the standardization, industrialization and digitalization of the processes concerned and the optimal combination of software and services. Complex cases, which cannot be processed automatically, are handled by specialists in real time. The solution makes downstream verification processes obsolete. Finform is a Swiss fin-tech and reg-tech company.