Systemic importance and rating

Important and highly rated

PostFinance Ltd is a systemically important bank and has now been assigned an AA by rating agency Standard & Poor’s.

Systemic importance

As a financial group, PostFinance Ltd is a systemically important bank. The reasons for this are PostFinance’s significant status in domestic deposit services and its strong position in payment transactions in Switzerland. Its classification as a systemically important bank underlines PostFinance’s significance for the Swiss financial system and contributes to its stability and a robust Swiss economy.


PostFinance Ltd has now been assigned an AA by rating agency Standard & Poor’s. On the basis of its universal service obligation, PostFinance is considered to be a government-related entity (GRE) with an “extremely high” likelihood of obtaining extraordinary government support. PostFinance is also a core member of Swiss Post Ltd because it provides the basic payment transaction infrastructure in Switzerland. Owing to its robust capitalization and liquidity position, as well as its healthy profit and financing side, PostFinance Ltd has been assigned the AA/A-1+ long- and short-term credit ratings. This rating is in line with Swiss Post Ltd’s credit profile. The stable outlook of the Swiss Confederation backs up the solid outlook for PostFinance Ltd. Following Parliament’s decisions not to approve the PSOA revision, Standard & Poor’s updated the outlook for PostFinance from negative to stable on 29 November 2022.