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New products and services are created in cooperation with innovative startups in which PostFinance has a stake or with external partners. These are results that have already reached a certain level of maturity, and which can be used directly through VNTR | Innovation & Venturing. You can find detailed information about the different products and services here.

TokenMarketCap: your gateway to the Swiss asset token ecosystem

VNTR has launched “TokenMarketCap”, a website providing broad access to the Swiss asset token ecosystem. The website provides information on Swiss asset tokens by collecting up-to-date information from leading primary and secondary marketplaces. TokenMarketCap offers users an overview of the available asset tokens as well as further information on the topic.

What are asset tokens?Asset tokens are digital assets that are based on blockchain technology. As part of the process, traditional investment options such as shares or participation certificates are digitally mapped in the form of a token on the blockchain (tokenized). This makes it possible for unlisted companies to access capital. In addition, tokenized participations can be transferred more efficiently. Tokenized investment options are the equivalent of traditional investment opportunities and represent the next evolutionary step on the way to the digitization of conventional assets.

How relevant are asset tokens?Digital assets are a key focus of VNTR. As a first mover in Switzerland, we are pleased to launch our neutral overview platform that provides guidance on the growing ecosystem of this new asset class. VNTR participates in the development of asset tokens on the Swiss market with TokenMarketCap.

Good to know: The development is driven by a team of specialists at the CCYP and is implemented as part of the training. The experience we are gaining today with TokenMarketCap is helping us understand and shape the trends and developments of tomorrow.

Order an extract from the debt collection register or a CreditTrust certificate in digital format

This is a new service from our innovation participation company The link will open in a new window tilbago that goes by the name CredRep. For four years now, tilbago has provided the latest in online payment collection technology in Switzerland with its robo payment collection solution. Now the company is launching a new service: using the tilbago CredRep full service, you can order extracts from the debt collection register or CreditTrust certificates in digital format. Private individuals can make use of this service via VNTR, and real estate portals, loan portals and software solution providers can also easily integrate the service into their own online setting, and offer it to their customers. The extract from the debt collection register is issued by the relevant debt collection authority, and the CreditTrust certificate – a new alternative to the extract – is issued by CreditTrust.

VNTR allows private individuals to conveniently order their extract from the debt collection register or CreditTrust certificate directly from the VNTR website in digital format and in just a few steps.

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