RealTalk on 26 October 2023 in Bern

At the event on Thursday, 26 October 2023, the presenter Andrea Jansen and author Christoph Simon discussed “Housewives and househusbands – retirement planning, income and prejudices”.

Despite many similarities, Christoph Simon and Andrea Jansen live in two completely different family structures. Christoph and his partner, who have three children together, have decided never to live together. Andrea and her family move around all over the world. The Jansen family travels through life, which involves alternative school systems, home-schooling and lots of planning.

Women often bear more of the mental load. We’ve got all unseen things on our minds: the children’s homework, new sweatpants etc.
Andrea Jansen
I don’t understand how fathers can miss out on the wonderful early years with their children – just to work.
Christoph Simon

During the RealTalk event at Bern’s Bierhübeli hosted by Tama Vakeesan, both guests talked about everyday obstacles, income and prejudices. This not only provided the audience with an insight into their lives, but also revealed how they achieve a good work-life balance despite not always living in the same place.

There should always be dialogue between my partner and myself. And no judging.
Christoph Simon
If you agree on a common path as a family, dealing with prejudices from the outside isn’t an issue. It’s water off a duck’s back if you’re happy in yourself.
Andrea Jansen


Are you unable to take part in person? Catch up on the PostFinance RealTalk as a podcast. The talk was given on a dialect basis.