Using cards securely

With PostFinance cards you can make easy and secure cashless payments and withdraw money around the world. Find out here how we help keep your card secure and what you can do.

Make day-to-day card use even more secure with the following recommendations:

  • Keep your card in a safe place and check regularly that it’s still in your possession
  • Keep your PIN a secret – don’t write it down, don’t pass it on, and cover the keypad when you enter the PIN
  • Do not be distracted when using the card – if you are in any way uncertain, cancel the transaction immediately with the stop button
  • Have your card blocked immediately if it’s lost, stolen, swallowed at an ATM, or if you suspect fraud – as an e-finance customer, you can block and unblock your cards free of charge in e-finance 
  • Protect yourself against skimming (PostFinance Card) by activating geoblocking in e-finance and restricting cash withdrawal abroad
  • Personalize your card limit in e-finance
  • Never give out your card details via e-mail, via a site from a link in an e-mail or for information purposes – this is probably an attempt at fraud
  • Monitor your account activity regularly, and contact us if you have any questions
  • Activate 3D-Secure in the card settings
  • We rely on various measures to guarantee card security.

    Secure cards

    All PostFinance Cards are equipped with a microprocessor chip. This complies with the global “Europay International, Mastercard®, and VISA (EMV)” standard for payment card security. The technology used in EMV chips provides effective protection against copying and tampering.

    Is contactless payment secure?

    Contactless payment is secure, as

    • the card stays in your hand throughout the entire payment process
    • data transfer from the card chip to the card reader is only possible if you hold the card close to the reader
    • the card’s security chip generates a unique code for each transaction – multiple uses of this code or invalid codes are detected immediately
    • if you are paying sums in excess of 100 francs with the PostFinance Card, or sums in excess of 80 francs with credit cards, you must also enter a PIN

    Secure PIN

    PostFinance sends PINs to cardholders separately from their cards. In addition, PINs are protected by a security envelope when sent through the post. PostFinance uses an effective security procedure to protect PINs at all times.

    Cards with a contactless payment function can be used to make payments in store up to a certain amount without needing to enter a PIN (up to 100 francs with the PostFinance Card, or up to 80 francs with credit cards).

    Secure infrastructure

    All payment data is protected during transmission. All PostFinance computer networks are equipped with an effective firewall that controls ongoing data traffic. PostFinance also monitors card transactions for unauthorized withdrawals and contacts the customer concerned in suspicious cases.

  • Lost your card? Report the loss to us immediately so that we can block your lost card and replace it within days in Switzerland and abroad.

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    0800 88 88 77
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    +41 848 88 88 77
    PostFinance credit cards and prepaid cards
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    +41 44 828 32 81
    Travel card
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    031 710 12 15
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    +41 31 710 12 15

    Tip: As an e-finance customer you can block and unblock your card free of charge in e-finance.

    If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our Contact Center.

    Calls within Switzerland: 0848 888 700 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)
    Calls from abroad: +41 58 667 99 85 (charged at the provider’s international rate)

    Opening hours

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    Saturday: 8 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.