Set up PAX terminal with Checkout Flex

Congratulations on your new terminal from PostFinance. In just a few steps, you can activate the device and accept your first on-site payment in your store.

1. Set up an account and contract

Create Checkout account

Sign up for Checkout Flex free of charge. Your Checkout portal will be ready within a few minutes.

Conclude acceptance contracts

Conclude an acceptance contract with one or more acceptance partners to accept payments.

  • If you have already concluded contracts: add them in the Checkout portal.
  • If you do not have any contracts: initiate contracts with your chosen partners in the Checkout portal. The contracts will be concluded directly with the relevant partners.

2. Connect the device to the Internet

Charge device

Charge your device fully before using it for the first time. You will find the charging cable in the box.

Establish network connection

The device requires a network connection for activation. The connection is generally established automatically using 4G/LTE via the inbuilt SIM card. Alternatively, you can connect the device via Wi-Fi (configuration in the “Einstellungen” menu; see manual).

3. Activate the device

Get activation code

Use the activation code to link the terminal to your acceptance contract and Checkout portal. The code will become available as soon as the first payment method has been activated by Wallee/SnapSwap (in the Checkout portal under “Space” > “Terminals”).

Enter activation code. Done

Enter the activation code in your terminal. Set-up is now complete, and your terminal can receive payments.

Get even more from your terminal

Transaction reports and more

You have full control in the Checkout portal. Configure your terminal however you like, view transaction overviews and details or carry out your end-of-day settlement – no matter where you are.

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