Questions and answers about travel insurance

We try to make our insurance policies as straightforward as possible for you. But questions can still crop up every now and again.

General questions

  • You can find product information and details on the policies available on the Travel insurance product page. You can also calculate your personal premium on this page.
  • Call our operations center as soon as possible for assistance services or in medical emergencies. It is available 24/7 on 0848 117 799 (from Switzerland) or +41 58 667 14 00 (from abroad). Other claims or legal cases can be reported via the online form in the  PostFinance customer cockpit at The link will open in a new window

  • No matter how wonderful and relaxing travel and holidays may be, there are many potential risks and dangers: an illness that prevents you from travelling resulting in high cancellation costs, an emergency situation or natural disaster in your destination country which means you have to cut your holiday short or require repatriation, a vehicle breakdown abroad, a traffic accident in a hire car, the loss of baggage or a legal dispute with your tour operator. PostFinance travel insurance gives you peace of mind as it covers your risk of costs, provides full protection on all travel in Switzerland and abroad and means you can rely on rapid and professional support in an emergency.
  • PostFinance travel insurance perfectly complements the benefits of your health insurance scheme’s medical cost cover by providing the following insurance options: cancellation costs prior to departure, assistance with vehicle breakdown and accidents, reduced excess for hire cars, medical or personal assistance, assistance in the event of public transport cancellations and delays, luggage insurance and legal protection for travel abroad.
  • Flexible, fair and simple: PostFinance travel insurance provides perfect travel cover for all scenarios. It provides comprehensive and needs-based cover as well as good value for money, and can be taken out easily  online. The insurers for PostFinance travel insurance, TAS Assurances  SA and Assista Rechtsschutz  AG, are amongst the leading Swiss companies in their sector, and have decades of experience in providing assistance and insurance services.
  • Travel in Switzerland and abroad with a maximum duration of six months is insured. The distance between the place of residence and destination must be over 50 kilometers and the trip must include at least one overnight stay. Travel to countries or regions which the Swiss authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO) advise against visiting is not insured.
  • PostFinance travel insurance is an annual policy providing comprehensive cover for all planned and spur-of-the-moment private travel in Switzerland and abroad for an entire year. You don’t have to worry about taking out travel insurance for each trip or stay abroad or other policies during the year. Full-year travel cover is generally worthwhile compared to individual policies if you take two or more short trips a year.
  • Yes, if you or a co-traveller contracts an epidemic or pandemic-related illness before departure or are placed under quarantine by order of an authority on specific grounds of suspected infection, this will be deemed an insured event (provided you have taken out the “Pre-travel” coverage option).

    Epidemics or pandemics which arise on the travel route or at the travel destination occurring after the booking of the trip and preventing travel or endangering the life of the policyholder are also covered by the insurance.

    There’s also insurance coverage if you or a co-traveller fall ill during the trip or are instructed placed under quarantine by order of a public authority due to specific grounds of suspected infection.

    Generally imposed quarantine measures by the authorities (e. g. lockdowns) and travel entry restrictions (e. g. mandatory vaccination) are not covered.

“Pre-travel” coverage option

  • If you have to cancel your trip before departure due to an insured event, the insurance company will assume the contractually agreed cancellation costs incurred up to the maximum insured amount indicated in the insurance policy.

    The following are deemed insured events:

    • Serious illness, serious accident or death of a policyholder, co-traveller or related party
    • Sudden loss of employment
    • Unforeseen start of employment
    • Unscheduled military operation orders
    • Theft of documents
    • Strikes, terror attacks, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters and cases of force majeure

    A definitive list of insured travel services and events can be found in the  General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI).

  • The loss of a flight due to cancellation by the airline is not an insured event which is why we do not provide insurance coverage for it. Please contact your airline or tour operator for the refund of the flight price or to organize alternative transport/rebook. You can find more information about your rights on the website of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

    The link will open in a new window More information at

  • No, costs of persons who the policyholder has invited on a trip are not covered.
  • No, claims due to the insolvency of a service provider are not covered. Most travel agencies have insolvency protection for package tours to cover such events (e.g. via the Swiss travel industry’s guarantee fund). Check this when booking your trip.
  • The contractually agreed cancellation costs on the day when the insured event occurs are covered. If you decide to put off cancellation without justified medical grounds and the cancellation costs go up as a result, these costs will not be covered. Inform your doctor about your travel plans.

“Travel by car” coverage option

  • Private vehicles driven by a policyholder up to a max. of 3.5 tonnes in weight and a maximum height of 3.2 metres which are registered in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. Authorized trailers with a total weight of 1.5 tonnes that are attached to these vehicles are also covered. Hire cars, even if registered abroad, are also insured provided no third parties (e.g. car hire company) cover these benefits.

  • Yes. No matter how you decide to travel – your own car, a motorbike or a hire car – we are here to help you in an emergency.
  • If your private vehicle cannot be repaired on site in the event of a breakdown or traffic accident in another European country abroad, the additional costs for onward and home-bound travel (including the use of a hire car) will be covered up to CHF 2,000 per event.

  • When hiring a vehicle, you usually bear a financial risk in the event of a claim, i.e. the excess. This can often only be excluded entirely by taking out expensive additional insurance. You can save yourself this expense because we will pay the excess for you up to a value of CHF 5,000  in the event of a claim.

“During travel” coverage option

  • Personal assistance includes the following support services during travel:

    • Medical assistance
    • Assumption of costs for emergency medical transport
    • Organization and coverage of costs for repatriation to Switzerland
    • Advance on costs for inpatient and outpatient treatment
    • For extended hospital stays: organization and coverage of costs for visiting related parties
    • Support and coordination in search and rescue operations and coverage of the costs involved
    • Coverage of additional costs for the stay and onward or home-bound travel if travel documents are stolen
    • Refund of return travel costs in the event of strikes, unrest, epidemics or natural disasters
  • In the event of disputes during travel abroad, we will help you with legal assistance and cover legal fees and court costs up to CHF 100,000 per legal case. You can fully rely on the support of the 80 in-house lawyers at Assista Rechtsschutz  AG. The following legal areas are covered by legal protection for travel abroad: right to compensation, insurance law, contract law and criminal and administrative proceedings.

“Luggage” coverage option

  • PostFinance travel insurance’s luggage insurance covers your luggage – such as suitcases and bags – against damage, theft or loss and ensures the replacement of the insured items at their value when new and/or repair costs up to the maximum insured amount selected in the insurance policy minus an excess of CHF 200 per event.

  • Home contents insurance generally only provides limited insured amounts for theft away from home. PostFinance travel insurance protects against damage and loss of luggage and provides cover against natural disasters and cases of force majeure, which are often not included in home contents insurance. Vehicles and sports equipment are also insured provided they are in the care of a transport or baggage storage provider.