FAQ legal protection insurance

General questions

  • Legal protection insurance covers costs associated with legal disputes, e.g. court costs and procedural costs as well as lawyers’ fees and experts’ fees. The insurance coverage enables insured persons to dispute claims deemed to be unjustified, to assert claims for compensation or to appeal against a decision deemed to be unjustified. This applies without insured persons taking financial risks or having to make an advance payment.
  • Legal protection insurance protects insured persons against the financial consequences of a legal dispute. In order to be able to assert your rights in the event of legal disputes, you need the help of specialists. If no amicable solution can be reached in a first step, high lawyers’ fees and legal proceedings are unavoidable. If you take out legal protection insurance, you are given a guarantee that in case of any legal disputes, you will not have to waive your right and will be able to assert your claims. 
  • The product is in principle aimed at all private individuals who live in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. 
  • It is not always clear whether a dispute already existed when the legal protection insurance contract was concluded. That is why a waiting period applies to certain areas of law. 
  • The insurer is Assista Rechtsschutz AG, Chemin de Blandonnet 4, 1214 Vernier. Assista is the leading provider of legal protection insurance for private individuals on the Swiss market. In the context of PostFinance legal protection insurance, Assista Rechtsschutz AG bears the risk and processes claims. 
  • You can make a claim online right away at The link will open in a new window https://insurance.postfinance.ch or by calling 0848 117 799 (from Switzerland) or +41 58 667 14 00 (from abroad).

    Postal address: Assista Rechtsschutz AG, P.O. Box 820, 1214 Vernier

  • As a PostFinance legal protection insurance policyholder, you will have access to the interactive legal platform The link will open in a new window www.lex4you.ch after completing the one-time registration process. You can also use the “lexCall” service there free of charge. The lawyers of our partner Assista Rechtsschutz AG provide initial information about legal issues in your daily life over the telephone from Monday to Friday.