Cancel account

We regret that you want to close your account . You can cancel your account free of charge and usually within two working days simply and quickly in e-finance or in the PostFinance App.

Cancel account in e-finance

As a private customer or business customer with individual signing rights , i you can conveniently cancel your account in e-finance. The benefits for you:

  • Do it online in just a few steps
  • Secure, efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Easy transfer of remaining credit balance

Other options for cancelling the account

As a customer with collective signing rights, you can only cancel your account using a form.

  • You can cancel your account in the PostFinance App in the settings. To do this, select: More > My profile > My products > the three dots next to the relevant account.

  • If you are a private or business customer without e-finance or with collective signing rights, please complete and sign the form and send it to:

    PostFinance Ltd, Scan Center, 3002 Bern, Switzerland

    The link will open in a new window Account cancellation form (PDF)

  • Cancel your account at a PostFinance branch.

    The link will open in a new window Locations and opening hours