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    Please refer to the Privacy Policy if you have any questions about data protection.

    The legal information and any information and opinions published on the PostFinance website can be changed at any time without prior notice.

    This legal information also governs the access to and use of services associated with the PostFinance website, such as newsletters and online magazines.

    Access restrictions

    The PostFinance website is intended solely for natural persons and legal entities whose domicile or headquarters is in Switzerland. It is not addressed to persons subject to legislation that prohibits access to the PostFinance website. These persons should not access the PostFinance website.

    Country filters are installed on the PostFinance website. You agree that when accessing a country-specific PostFinance top level domain you are considered to be domiciled in the relevant country. You also hereby agree that the selection of a certain country segment is correct and that you (in particular on the basis of your nationality and/or residence or headquarters) are not subject to any legislation that prohibits or restricts the display of information about PostFinance products or services. This applies in particular to persons domiciled in Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada and the US.

    Ownership and intellectual property rights

    All the items on the PostFinance website are owned by PostFinance or third parties and the associated intellectual property rights are protected. “PostFinance” and the corresponding logos are registered trademarks of PostFinance Ltd. The entire contents of the PostFinance website are protected by copyright (all rights reserved). No part of the PostFinance website is designed to grant a licence or right to use an image, a registered trademark or a logo.

    Downloading, copying or printing out individual pages or parts of the PostFinance website is permitted for private use only, provided that the copyright notice or other legally protected names or symbols are not removed. Complete or partial reproduction, communication (electronic or otherwise), modification, linking or use of the PostFinance website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written consent from PostFinance. PostFinance retains all rights if you download software or other elements from the PostFinance website or duplicate material in any other way.

    No offer

    The information and statements published on the PostFinance website do not constitute an invitation to tender, a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell products or services, to carry out any other transaction, or to enter into any kind of legal transaction. Simply accessing the PostFinance website does not make you a PostFinance customer.

    No warranty, no guarantee and no advice

    The information on the PostFinance website is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Although PostFinance exercises the level of care and due diligence customary in the industry to ensure that the information on the PostFinance website is accurate, reliable and complete at the time of publication, neither we nor your contractual partner can guarantee or assume any liability (be it explicit or implicit) for its accuracy, reliability, topicality or completeness. PostFinance has no obligation to update information or opinions, to specify that information is no longer up to date, or to remove such information from the PostFinance website.

    PostFinance takes no responsibility and cannot guarantee that the PostFinance website will function without interruption or errors, or that errors will be rectified.

    No advice (investment, legal or tax advice) is given via the PostFinance website. The information and opinions are not a basis for investment decisions.

    Risk information

    The future performance of an investment instrument cannot be assumed from past market trends. The price and value of investments and the income generated from them can go up or down. It is not possible to guarantee that the invested capital will retain, or even increase, its value. You must also be prepared to lose the entire amount of capital invested. Please contact your customer advisor before you make any investment decisions.

    Links to other websites and to the PostFinance website

    PostFinance has not tested the websites linked to the PostFinance website and accepts no responsibility for their content or for the products, services or other offers they include. The establishment of connections to other websites is at your own risk.

    Prior permission from PostFinance is required before setting up a link to a third-party website on the PostFinance website.

    Exclusion of liability

    PostFinance does not accept any liability to the extent that is permissible by law for direct, indirect or consequential damage incurred by the user or by third parties as a result of accessing or using the PostFinance website or as a result of the impossibility to access or use it, interruptions to service or other deficiencies.

    Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

    As far as admissible by law, access to and use of the PostFinance website and the legal information shall be subject to substantive Swiss law. Subject to conflicting and compulsory legal provisions, the sole place of jurisdiction for all proceedings is Berne.


    © PostFinance Ltd, June 2017

  • PostFinance observes the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation when collecting and processing personal data. In all areas of its online product range, comprehensive technical tools and organizational measures are used to protect against unauthorized access, manipulations and data loss. Learn more about how we handle data on our website.

    Accessing public PostFinance web pages

    Generally, the PostFinance websites can be accessed without requiring users to identify themselves. For statistical purposes and to optimize our services, PostFinance may collect and process the technical information that your access device and browser automatically provide us with. This includes the following information:

    • Date and time of access to the website
    • Type, version and language settings of the browser and operating system used
    • Display size of the screen used
    • IP address of the end device or the Internet gateway

    When you view our websites, the PostFinance server may also send cookies to your device. These cookies help to make your visits to our websites more convenient. For example, if you have selected a language setting, you will not have to repeat it. The cookies do not enable the website visitor to be linked to a specific individual.

    When you access third-party websites via links on, you leave the sphere of influence of PostFinance and this notice therefore no longer applies.

    Disclosure of personal data in the public sphere

    If you provide us with personal data, e.g. by entering information in a survey or order form, you give your consent for your data to be collected, stored and processed. Your data is sent in encrypted form and stored at PostFinance where it is inaccessible to third parties. The data collected is limited to essential information and is only used and stored in order to process the procedure requested. Your data is not passed on to persons or organizations outside Swiss Post unless you give your express permission.

    Use of websites in the non-public area

    PostFinance provides its customers with a variety of online services they can use to manage their own finances (e.g. e-finance). For reasons of security and traceability, additional data is collected at the time of login and while in the secure area. These services are then used in accordance with a contractual agreement and the associated Subscriber Conditions.

    Communication by e-mail

    If you use one of the e-mail addresses published by us to make contact, you expressly authorize us to respond to you by the same means either to the sender address or to an address you indicate. E-mails are sent over the Internet in unencrypted form and may be accessible, readable and open to manipulation by others. E-mail is therefore not a suitable means for sending confidential information. We do not accept customer orders via e-mail.

    Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and Adobe Analytics (“cookies”)

    Google uses cookies to determine performance. These are saved on your computer for up to 30 days once you have clicked on an AdWords advertisement. The information is limited to the total number of users who clicked on an advertisement before being forwarded to a site equipped with a conversion tracking tag. However, they do not obtain any information that personally identifies the user. If you want to deactivate the use of cookies, you can do so directly in your browser.

    This website uses Adobe Analytics and cookies which are stored on your computer and which facilitate the analysis of the use of our website. No personal data is collected or saved which could enable the website visitor to be identified. You can deactivate the use of cookies in your Internet browser.

  • Protection of privacy

    Protecting your privacy is very important to us.

    We abide by the legal regulations in force, for example the Swiss Data Protection Act, when processing personal data.

    Customer data

    When you read our e-mails or visit our website we reserve the right to monitor, record and analyse your activities and use the information obtained to optimise our range of products.

    Use and distribution of data

    PostFinance will use your data solely for the purpose of providing services. Furthermore you authorise PostFinance to use your data for PostFinance marketing purposes. We abide by the legal regulations in force e.g. the Swiss Data Protection Act when processing personal data.

    Use of e-mail addresses

    PostFinance only uses your e-mail address for its own purposes. PostFinance does not pass on any e-mail addresses to third parties.


    PostFinance strives to protect customer data from unauthorised access using the latest technological and organisational means.


    You can unsubscribe from our e-mail distribution list at any time. Instructions on how to do so are contained in each e-mail.

  • PostFinance outsources certain tasks from these units to the following partners:

    Business units
    Payment transactions and financial services
    In-house, from 26 June 2013 at Post CH Ltd
    IT services
    In-house, from 26 June 2013 at Post CH Ltd
    Printing and sending of account documents
    In-house at Swiss Post Solutions Ltd
    E-bill solution
    In-house at Post CH Ltd
    E-trading: trading platform
    Swissquote Bank Ltd
    E-trading: tax reporting for tax deducted at source
    on US income
    Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
    Account opening via mobile app
    Finform Ltd
    Video identification for shop opening
    In-house at Post CH Ltd
    In-house at Post CH Ltd and Swiss Post Solutions Ltd
    Operation of the TWINT App from PostFinance
    Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
  • Accessible PostFinance websites

    Since 2004, access for all has been required by the Swiss law covering equality for the disabled (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz - BehiG), and PostFinance has therefore been consistently implementing this requirement.

    This means that blind people are able to make good use of the website and can have content read aloud to them by audio output. Visually impaired people are able to display all text and images in any size. Furthermore, the contrast is optimized everywhere for good legibility. People with motor disabilities can navigate the website with alternative input methods or simply by using the keyboard. Those with hearing difficulties can easily follow videos on our website with the help of subtitles. More and more people with age-related conditions can also benefit from all of these improvements.

    Certified in accordance with the highest quality level (AA+)

    PostFinance adopts a consistent approach to implementing the latest version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0, AA), and in September 2016 it was once again awarded the highest possible quality level (AA+) by the “Access for all” certification body.


    PostFinance Ltd
    Mingerstrasse 20
    3030 Berne Switzerland

    Tel.: 0848 888 710 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

    How to use the website

    Access keys facilitate quick access to certain web pages and content via the keyboard. This is of great benefit to users who prefer using the computer keyboard instead of the mouse. PostFinance incorporates this quick access and has adopted the access key assignment recommended by the “Access for all” foundation.

    Access keys

    0 = To homepage

    1 = To navigation (within page)

    2 = To content (within page)

    3 = To e-finance login

    4 = To site map

    9 = Logout

    How the access keys work in various browsers

    Internet Explorer: Alt key + access key number, followed by Enter
    Firefox: Alt key + shift key + access key number
    Chrome, Safari: Alt key + access key number

    Mac OS X:
    Safari, Firefox, Chrome: Ctrl key + alt key + access key number

    Continuous improvements

    Certain content is not yet completely accessible. This applies especially to older applications or those with sophisticated programming. They will be made accessible as far as possible. These services are marked accordingly and are not a main part of certification granted by the “Access for all” foundation.

    The following sub-areas are affected:

    • E-trading
    • E-cockpit
    • Webinars
    • E-bills
    • Smart Business
    • Manuals, print templates, account and interest statements (PDF files)

    Technological progress requires constant monitoring, but it also allows continuous improvement to the accessibility of web content. That is why PostFinance has agreed to periodic quality controls and a permanent exchange of expertise with the “Access for all” foundation. Content is regularly reviewed and made as accessible as possible as part of the next release.

  • PostFinance Ltd is a successful financial service provider and a high yielding subsidiary of Swiss Post Ltd. PostFinance Ltd is the number one in payment transactions in Switzerland and in e-finance, the electronic account management platform. PostFinance Ltd provides a comprehensive, innovative range of financial services in the payments, savings, investments, retirement planning and financing segments for both private and business customers.

    Contact address

    PostFinance Ltd
    Contact Center
    Mingerstrasse 20
    3030 Berne


    Tel.: +41 848 888 700 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

    Company identification number (UID):