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PostFinance products may only be sold in certain countries to certain people. People to whom it is impermissible to sell all or certain PostFinance products may not access websites with information about the relevant products. To ensure that only permissible information is displayed, country filters have been installed. You agree that when accessing a country-specific PostFinance top level domain you are considered to be domiciled in the relevant country. You also hereby agree that the selection of a certain country segment is correct and that you (in particular on the basis of your nationality and/or residence) are not subject to any jurisdiction that prohibits the display of information about PostFinance products. PostFinance does not sell funds to persons who are domiciled outside of Switzerland. In such countries, funds are not offered and are therefore not obtainable. In particular, shares in funds from PostFinance are not offered, sold or delivered within the USA, or to persons who are US citizens, are resident in the USA, or are required to pay taxes in the USA.

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The information and statements published on the PostFinance website and in the newsletter do not constitute a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell investment instruments or to carry out any other transaction. The services, investments and funds mentioned on the PostFinance website and the related literature are not addressed to people whose country of residence or nationality prohibits access to such information due to the laws or regulations in force. Deposits are only accepted by PostFinance Ltd and fund units can only be held if and insofar as this does not breach the laws or regulations in force in the investor's country or the corporate policy of PostFinance Ltd. Information on the PostFinance website as a whole is of a descriptive nature. However services, securities and financial instruments may not be available or suitable for you. Contact your customer advisor if you are interested in a specific investment instrument and require further information, particularly about the costs, investment character or the opportunities and risks associated with the product in question.

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Although PostFinance Ltd does its utmost to ensure that the information on the PostFinance website and in the newsletter is accurate, reliable and complete at the time of publication, neither we nor your contractual partner can guarantee or assume any liability for its accuracy, reliability or completeness. The information and opinions published on the PostFinance website and in the newsletter can be changed at any time without prior notice. PostFinance Ltd does not use the PostFinance website or newsletter to send you or third parties investment or other advice. The information and opinions conveyed do not form a reliable basis for making investment or other decisions.

Risk notice

The future performance of fixed assets cannot be assumed from past market trends. The investment value may change. There is no guarantee of recovering the invested capital. Please contact your customer advisor before you make any investment decisions.

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No assurance is given, be it explicit or implicit, of the accuracy of the information and opinions conveyed on the PostFinance website or in the newsletter. PostFinance Ltd takes no responsibility and cannot guarantee that the PostFinance website will function without interruption or errors, that errors will be rectified or that the PostFinance website and corresponding server are free of viruses or harmful components.


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