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Accessible PostFinance websites

Since 2004, access for all has been required by the Swiss law covering equality for the disabled (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz - BehiG), and PostFinance has therefore been consistently implementing this requirement.

This enables blind people to make good use of the website and have content read aloud to them by audio output. Visually impaired people are able to display all text and images in any size. Furthermore, the contrast is optimized everywhere for good legibility. People with motor disabilities can navigate the website with alternative input methods or simply by using the keyboard. Those with hearing difficulties can easily follow videos on our website with the help of subtitles. More and more people with age-related conditions can also benefit from all of these improvements.

Certified in accordance with the highest quality level (AA+)

PostFinance adopts a consistent approach to implementing the latest version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0, AA), and in September 2016 it was once again awarded the highest possible quality level (AA+) by the "Access for all" certification body.


PostFinance Ltd
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Berne


Tel.: +41 (0)848 888 710  (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

How to use the website

Access keys

0 = Direct to home page
1 = Direct to navigation (within page)
2 = Direct to contents (within page)
3 = Direct to e-finance login
4 = Direct to site map
9 = Logout

How the access keys work in various


Internet Explorer: Alt key + access key number, followed by enter
Firefox: Alt key + shift key + access key number
Chrome, Safari: Alt key + access key number

Mac OS X

Safari, Firefox, Chrome: Ctrl key + alt key + access key number


Tips on how to use e-finance are given in the help information

Continuous improvements

Certain content is not yet completely accessible. This applies especially to older applications or those with sophisticated programming. They will be made accessible as soon as possible. These services are marked accordingly and are not a main part of certification granted by the “Access for all” foundation.


The following sub-areas are affected:

  • E-trading
  • E-cockpit
  • Webinars
  • E-bills
  • Smart Business
  • Manuals, print templates, account and interest statements (PDF files) 


Technological progress requires constant monitoring, however it also allows continuous improvement to the accessibility of web content. That is why PostFinance has agreed to periodic quality controls and a permanent exchange of know-how with the "Access for all" foundation. Content is regularly reviewed and made as accessible as possible as part of the next release.