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Created on 05.06.2019

How to prepare for a consultation

Most banks offer their customers free consultations − a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with investing and to evaluate which investment strategy makes the most sense for you personally. Your advisor at the bank will answer all your questions about investment. Together, you will draw up a suitable investment strategy which is tailored to your needs. With a bit of preparation, you can get the most out of your consultation.

A personal investment consultation is a good opportunity for inexperienced investors to ask questions and take a closer look at financial products or find out more about investment in general. Together with your advisor, you will determine your investor profile. This information will be used as the basis for developing an investment strategy that best suits your needs and means.

Before the consultation, it is well worth thinking about your aims, how you handle money and your willingness to take risks. If you also write down all your investment-related questions in advance, you can ensure that you do not forget anything. A consultation is there to help you understand the world of investment and to show you how to get more out of your money − for this reason, it is a good starting point for anyone who would like to invest for the first time or learn more about the subject.

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