Debit Direct

Debit Direct. The electronic payment collection solution

Debit Direct: punctual collection

  • Electronic procedure for prompt collection of payments and monitoring of accounts receivable
  • Direct debit from debtor's account
  • Invoice amounts in CHF or EUR
  • Debit and credit on the due date
  • Data transfer via e-finance among other options
  • No need to send out invoices and reminders

Service until end of 2017

The Debit Direct product will be offered until the end of 2017. The new CH-DD Direct Debit scheme is now available.

Debit Direct

Basic offer (creditor)Free of charge
Express order, per transaction (creditor)CHF 5.00
Multiple debit attempt, per transaction and debit attempt (creditor)CHF 0.20
For each rejection (creditor)CHF 0.50
For each reversal (creditor)CHF 0.70

For large volumes, PostFinance reserves the right to alter the cost of the basic service.

Outgoing data delivery

Message d'orderPaperelectronic
Confirmation of order/executionCHF 1
per document
Free of charge
Processing messageFree of chargeFree of charge
Reversal listFree of chargeFree of charge
Debit Direct file-Free of charge