Direct entry after your studies

Get started after your studies

For students who want to get started and get ahead in the world of work directly after their studies, we offer a wide range of career prospects in the financial services sector.

Junior positions in various fields

Do you know where your career compass is pointing? As a junior, you can find vacancies for direct entry into the working world in the fields of finance, marketing, communication, legal and compliance, information technology, human resources and organization, processing and process management, and customer support. With direct entry, you will have the opportunity to make things happen at PostFinance. With your ideas and your drive, you will contribute to the ongoing development of PostFinance’s products and services.

Are you ready to start your career directly after your studies? 

First-hand accounts – our employees talk about their job

  • “I joined PostFinance seven years ago as an assistant to the CFO. I’ve always worked a lot, even during my studies, so it was clear to me that I wanted to take a chance on direct entry. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted. From day one, I felt part of the team. I was always able to continue my development inside and outside PostFinance, and I was supported by my managers. I pursued my studies in didactics on the side and taught at vocational school for several years. Later on, I was given the opportunity to take on a new challenge internally as the officer for university admissions.”

  • “You couldn’t describe me as a typical ‘direct entrant’ – but rather as someone who worked hard to switch disciplines after completing their studies. My path to IT started with an apprenticeship and then continued with a Bachelor’s degree in business engineering. After finishing my studies, I worked as a project and application manager in the energy sector. At the same time, I started a Master’s in business information technology. At PostFinance, I was then given the opportunity to take up a position in IT architecture, which was a better match for me and my studies. I knew it was an opportunity that I wanted to seize. Looking at it that way, you could say that I managed direct entry into a new discipline.”

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