Transparent and sustainable services

We shape our core business in step with industry

We want our products and services to be meaningful to our customers and a pleasure to use. That’s why transparency is absolutely key. This transparency is reflected in clearly understandable fund and investment solutions in which we are gradually moving towards greater sustainability.

Economic responsibility

PostFinance offers its customers sustainable investment solutions. The company also places great emphasis on investing the customer deposits entrusted to it not just according to economic but also ethical and sustainable principles.

Sustainable investments for our customers

At PostFinance, customers can put their money into sustainable investments.

With e-asset management and investment consulting plus, they can select “Sustainable” as their investment focus, which will provide them with an investment portfolio geared towards sustainability. This means that sustainability criteria with regard to the environment, society and responsible corporate management are taken into account in order to invest in a more environmentally friendly manner.

With fund self-service and fund consulting basic, customers can choose between 19 different sustainable funds.

PostFinance carries out rigorous checks on its investments

PostFinance places great emphasis on not investing the customer deposits entrusted to it in savings and investment accounts in companies that support unethical business practices, either directly or through their products, and/or which harm the environment. When investing its customer deposits, PostFinance therefore regularly checks according to the criteria of the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund whether there are grounds for exclusion. 

However, there are currently no companies from the oil and gas sector on the exclusion list. The revenues from this sector are an important source of earnings of the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund and constitute a latent conflict of interest in the assessment of oil and gas companies. For this reason, PostFinance also takes into account the ESG ratings  of the independent ESG rating agency, ISS ESG, in this sector, and excludes the most environmentally damaging companies from investments. The exclusion criteria are thus even stricter than the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund.

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