Our journey to greater sustainability

Our current highlights

We are making our bank more sustainable – with initiatives that make an impact. These highlights demonstrate what we have developed and implemented in recent months.

Innovative tracker certificate

With its new low-carbon tracker certificate, PostFinance has launched a world first on the Swiss financial market in collaboration with Globalance: an investment product that allows investors to invest even very small amounts and to diversify their investments in line with the Paris Agreement’s 2 degree target.

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New carbon calculator

Did you know that personal consumption is the main area in which private individuals can have an impact on sustainability? This is why we developed our CO2 calculator. Our customers can use it to calculate their personal carbon footprint based on their consumption and to display a comparison with other PostFinance customers. Quite simply in e-finance and based on card transactions.

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Comprehensive ESG fund range

PostFinance has expanded its range of ESG funds. Currently, our customers can choose from over 35 different sustainable funds and four sustainable retirement funds. These take into account the ESG sustainability aspects of environment, social responsibility and responsible corporate management.

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A relaxing holiday week

Every summer, we take the pressure off parents with the “holiday week”. Our employees with children can have their children looked after for five days. Everybody benefits from the programme and it is just one of the ways in which we help employees to reconcile work and family life. 

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Influential impact days

At the impact days, PostFinance invites employees to implement their own ideas for a more sustainable PostFinance or to help existing ideas achieve a breakthrough. What if, for example, employees obtained a refurbished smartphone instead of a new one in the spirit of “reuse, reduce, repair”? This is just one of the ideas from our impact days pool. 

Clear objectives

We have set ourselves clear goals for how we want to achieve greater sustainability. We focus on these five areas:

  1. Establishing corporate responsibility in the minds of our employees
  2. CO2 reduction
  3. Sustainable market services
  4. Sustainable innovations
  5. Gender equality