What defines us

What defines VTNR – our DNA

To produce innovation, VTNR | Innovation & Venturing breaks away from traditional structures: it uses new forms of organization, cultural elements and different skills, and it also has an extensive innovation network.

Our culture

Our culture is key to how we work. It fosters openness and encourages feedback and acceptance of failure.


Innovations in innovation horizon 3 also require new forms of organization. Organization within a part of VNTR is sociocratic, not hierarchical. This encourages personal responsibility and entrepreneurship. 

Our skills

In our agile, interdisciplinary team, we bring all sorts of different skills to the table, including but not limited to:

  • Innovators: innovation management, business modelling, organizational development, lean start-up
  • Trend forecasters: trend research, scenario planning, trend radars, development area generation
  • Designers: human-centred design, design thinking, user research, UX design, visual communication, prototyping
  • Techies: voice assistants, chatbots, VR/AR, blockchain

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