Universities of applied sciences and traditional universities

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge is about increasing our knowledge. VNTR | Innovation & Venturing offers universities of applied sciences and traditional universities exciting opportunities.

There are many ways to share knowledge. This is how we help ensure joint research projects that fit into our development areas see the light of day. Essentially we encourage ideas at an early stage and test the application of new methods. We also draw on the research and expertise of universities. We impart knowledge on procedures, innovation management and open innovation in practice by giving talks. In addition, VNTR also offers exciting traineeships, internships and thesis opportunities.

VNTR services for universities of applied sciences and traditional universities

  • Innovation development: open innovation, co-creation, collaboration and methodical support in the innovation process. Implementing joint PoCs, MVPs, CO-STARs, RATs, pilot projects and experiments
  • Specialist expertise: Access to networks, external partners and the innovation community of PostFinance and the Swiss Post Group
  • Access to useful knowledge and information: Talks, lectures, workshops 
  • Research and education support: Theses, Innosuisse projects and internships

What our partners say

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