Getting started together

Does your startup have a product or service in one of our development areas? In which case, you could well be in with a chance of developing or testing it with the support of VNTR | Innovation & Venturing.

When a partnership is a viable option

Is your startup interested in a partnership with VNTR? Use the checklist below to see whether a partnership might be viable:

  • Your business model fits into one of our development areas
  • You have a clear vision and mission
  • You have a scalable business model
  • You know your customers and competitors
  • Your solution could create added value for customers and PostFinance
  • You have an idea in mind about what sort of partnership you would like

Generally speaking, innovation projects are judged on how innovative they are, and what impact they would have on PostFinance’s core business or business model.

Potential VNTR services for startups

  • Innovation development: open innovation, co-creation, collaboration and methodical support in the innovation process. Implementing joint PoCs, MVPs, CO-STARs, RATs, pilot projects and experiments
  • Specialist expertise: Access to the network and innovation community  of PostFinance, the Swiss Post Group and external partners
  • Access to useful knowledge and information: talks, lectures, workshops, tours of the lab 
  • Workspaces and co-working: Impact Hub Bern, the start-up space in Schlieren (canton of Zurich)
  • Communication and marketing: improved reach for your start-up with the aid of media and events
  • Capital: financial support and investments, C-level governance (ideas, venturing)

How we work together

VNTR has an open innovation process. VNTR decides on a case-by-case basis which startups to invite into this process, which services are viable and how the partnership should be structured.  The partnerships we establish with start-ups take various forms, including close partnerships, customer relationships, sales support right through to investment from PostFinance. 

What our customers say

Do you have an innovation you would like to put into practice with our help?

We look forward to receiving your completed NABC template and your e-mail.

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