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We value our partners, and it is together with them that we shape the future of PostFinance in different areas.


Kickstart is an innovation and start-up platform that brings together later-stage start-ups, corporates, cities, foundations and universities to promote deep-tech innovation in Switzerland.

Logo Kickstart


F10 – the home of fintechs is an eco-system of start-ups, corporates, experts and investors that is changing the world of finance through talent, technology and commitment. As a fintech incubator and accelerator based in Zurich and Singapore, F10 helps start-ups transform their ideas into successful companies whilst fostering cooperation with international organizations.

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Impact Hub Bern

An impact hub consisting of three different elements. A living community of passionate, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to achieve positive change through their projects and endeavours. An impact hub is a source of inspiration for  events, businesses and start-ups, as well as a physical space that provides a flexible infrastructure for working, meeting, learning and networking.

Logo Impact Hub Bern

University of St. Gallen

Through human-centred design, the design thinking@HSG programme offers companies looking to innovate new ways of approaching complex problems in the field of innovation. 

Logo Universität St. Gallen

Department of Business Management

The Department of Business Management at the University of Bern holds the Bernese Business Creation Competition annually where students can present and evolve their business ideas. VNTR | Innovation & Venturing supports participants by running workshops on design thinking and visual communication.

Logo Universität Bern

St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences

The Competence Center for Banking and Finance at IFU-FHS (Institute for Business Management at the St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences) combines theory with application, specializing in areas including blockchain technology and the tokenization of assets. In addition to providing financial institutions and SMEs with advice, the center also conducts applied research, and provides basic and advanced training and information events.

Logo Fachhochschule St. Gallen

Booster magazine

Booster – a start-up that publishes a magazine for start-ups This Swiss start-up magazine is published four times a year, and features stories about founding companies, entrepreneurship, technology trends and innovation at Swiss companies. They can also be found on a number of digital platforms.

Logo Booster

Action Jam

Action Jam is the Swiss network for innovation management where the people in charge of innovation at large Swiss companies meet up several times a year at events to discuss the challenges faced by the Swiss innovation eco-system.

Logo ActionJam


The IFJ – the St. Gallen-based start-up support service – has been supporting company founders for over 30 years now,  helping entrepreneurs with their initial concept, the founding process and getting the company off to a successful start. Courtesy of partners, the start-up support it provides is free of charge.

Logo IFJ Startup Support


The InnoArchitects provide support in various phases of innovation, including exploration, validation, implementation, scaling and consulting.

Logo INNOArchitects


At the start of 2020, the ConnectSpace co-working space opened its doors in Münsingen (canton of Berne), and offers 17 flexible workspaces, two modern meeting rooms as well as an event room for seminars, training sessions and innovation/creativity workshops. It also opened its “future office”: the go-to place for innovation and digitization-related issues.

Logo ConnectSpace Münsigen


e.foresight monitors signs of innovation all over the world, analyses their impact and helps key players in banking in Switzerland and Liechtenstein prepare for the future.

Logo e.foresight


Westhive is a co-working space in Zurich that specializes as a consultancy firm in growth hacking.

Logo Westhive


Innoveto helps companies come up with ways to innovate, and focuses heavily on design thinking and lean start-up methods.

Logo Innoveto

HYVE Switzerland

Hyve Switzerland is a one-stop shop for open innovation providing advice, software, useful methods and co-creation.

Logo Hyve

Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss Startup Factory is a privately financed Swiss venture-builder for corporates and start-ups that specializes in enhancing innovation in new technologies.

Logo Swiss Startup Factory

ZID Center for Innovation and Digitization

The ZID Center for Innovation and Digitization acts as a partner to start-ups, spin-offs and SMEs, helping them to turn innovation projects into successful business ventures. It supports them by providing expertise to help implement their ideas, a wide network in business and politics, access to capital and a workspace.

Logo ZID

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