Open innovation with companies

VNTR | Innovation & Venturing is developing forward-looking innovation projects, even outside of banking. It is very important that our innovation process is opened up to the outside world, and that we work with other companies as innovation partners.

Innovation also breaks through traditional  corporate boundaries. After all, if we want innovations to come flooding into the company from outside, the process must be open for partners. VNTR is looking to work with other companies and to spearhead innovation projects together. Each company will bring to the table their own strengths, market knowledge and specialist expertise in specific development areas.

VNTR services for companies

  • Innovation development: open innovation, co-creation, collaboration and methodical support in the innovation process. Implementing joint PoCs, MVPs, CO-STARs, RATs, pilot projects and experiments
  • Specialist expertise: access to networks, external partners and the innovation community of PostFinance and the Swiss Post Group
  • Access to useful knowledge and information: talks, lectures, workshops, tours of the lab 

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