FAQs about the Travel card

You’ll find many answers about the Travel card from Swiss Bankers here.

  • Current cards remain valid. You can use your card as usual. The contractual relationship is still between you and the issuer of the card, i.e. Swiss Bankers.
  • From 14 May 2022, the following options for loading the Travel card via PostFinance will be discontinued:

    • No longer possible to load via the PostFinance hotline and in branches
    • No longer possible to load via the “integrated loading function” in e-finance from PostFinance

    All other loading options (including transfer via e-finance) will remain available and your personal reference number will remain the same.

    • Bank transfer with an inpayment slip and ISR number
    • Bank transfer via IBAN stating the customer reference number

    You can also load your Travel card via the Swiss Bankers app or the Swiss Bankers customer portal using your PostFinance Card or credit card.

  • You can check current top-up amounts, the latest card transactions and other information about your card, and activate or block countries, at any time on the Swiss Bankers website or The link will open in a new window app.

    The link will open in a new window More information at swissbankers.ch

    The link will open in a new window Complaints forms for disputed transactions at swissbankers.ch

    I need help with the identification. Where can I get support? You can find further information at The link will open in a new window swissbankers.ch/postfinance.

  • If you lose the card, contact Swiss Bankers directly at +41 31 710 12 15 and have your card blocked. Replacement cards generally only take a few working days to arrive. Outside Europe, replacement may take three to four working days when away from bigger cities.

    If you lose your card, you will receive a free replacement, including your remaining balance, which can be delivered to any address worldwide. If you have forgotten your PIN code, you will be sent a free replacement immediately. Alternatively, you can set a new PIN directly in the The link will open in a new window Swiss Bankers app.
  • You can find details of the costs on the Swiss Bankers website: The link will open in a new window www.swissbankers.ch/travel
  • The Travel card in CHF can also be ordered directly from Swiss Bankers.

    The link will open in a new window To Swiss Bankers