Card security

Make cashless payments and withdraw money worldwide with the cards from PostFinance – securely. Find out more about how you can make your everyday card use more secure and the measures used by PostFinance to help ensure the security of its card products.

The most important recommendations for safe everyday card use

  • Keep your PIN secret: cover the keypad when using the card, do not make a note of your PIN or give it to others
  • Do not get distracted when using the card. If you are unsure, cancel the transaction immediately using the Stop button.
  • If your card is lost, stolen or withheld by an ATM, or if you suspect it is being misused: have the card blocked
  • Activate geoblocking to restrict cash withdrawals abroad – to protect against skimming
  • Adjust your own limits 
  • Check your account statements regularly and contact PostFinance if in doubt