Slip scanners

Enter payments quickly and easily with a slip scanner. The slip scanner reads the payment information on your inpayment slips and transfers the content directly into the fields on the payment screen in e-finance or your entry program.

Caution is advised when dealing with unknown manufacturers of slip scanners and products. For this reason, PostFinance has tested the compatibility with e-finance for the following recognized slip scanner manufacturers. All three are committed to SecureBankingMode. This means that the slip scanner’s functionalities are limited to payment transactions.

In this case, we recommend that you check the scanned details in e-finance carefully after the payment has been entered.

Tip: benefit from discounts guaranteed to us by the slip scanner manufacturers and order them exclusively via these links. 

PayEye Edition PostFinance

With PayEye, orange inpayment slips (ISR) can be entered in a matter of seconds thanks to the large scanning surface. The new Swiss QR codes will be checked in just one click and transferred into your financial software or e-banking. PayEye functions via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB-C.

Swiss QR Code-Scanner

The Swiss QR Code scanner, SwissReader SR-100QR by Dative, is a high precision device which reads the new QR-bills in the blink of an eye and processes them immediately. It works perfectly without driver software with all Windows, macOS and Linux solutions. With "SecureBankingMode" enabled all the time, it meets the stringent requirements of secure payment transactions. 

Swiss QR reader

If the "Swiss QR reader" is on the autosense stand, the new “Swiss QR code” will be read automatically by holding the device close to the stand. The data read by the device is processed correctly in e-finance without PC driver software.