Issuing and paying invoices made easier

The QR-bill – which is replacing the current inpayment slips from 30 September 2022 – was introduced in Switzerland on 30 June 2020. Its main feature is the QR code, which contains all key payment information and can be easily read in digitally – with a smartphone or slip scanner. The QR-bill can be paid via the same channels as the current inpayment slips – for example, at Swiss Post branches, in e-finance, in the PostFinance App or by payment order.

Questions and answers

  • The QR-bill is an important milestone in standardizing and modernizing payment transactions. With the QR-bill, the cycle from invoicing to payment and notification will be more digital and cost-effective.
  • The QR-bill is a bill with an integrated payment part and receipt.

    The payment part consists of a QR code, the digital component, and readable information, the analogue component. The payment part contains all the payment information required to execute a payment or process the bill. It can either be printed at the bottom of the bill, or be enclosed as a separate component of the bill.

  • Follow the SIX Swiss Implementation Guidelines when creating a QR-bill. Find all the information you need here. 

    Find out more about the guidelines at The link will open in a new window https://www.paymentstandards.ch/en/home.html

  • You can order perforated paper in the The link will open in a new window Postshop.

    The link will open in a new window Overview of printers offering perforated paper for QR-bills.

  • No. The Swiss financial center, and so PostFinance as well, is set to replace all variations of the current orange inpayment slips with reference numbers (ISR/BISR) and the red inpayment slips with message field (IS) with the QR-bill. Following a transition phase, the current inpayment slips will no longer be processed.
  • Swiss francs and euros. The currency abbreviations CHF or EUR must be printed on the payment part below the Swiss QR code and next to the amount field on the left, as well as on the receipt.