Contactless payment options

Cashless shopping is really easy

Utilize the various contactless payment options offered by PostFinance to ensure that you can continue making cashless purchases easily, quickly, and securely.

Contactless shopping in store

Paying with your PostFinance Card or credit card

Making contactless payment for small amounts at the checkout is extremely straightforward with the PostFinance Card or your PostFinance credit card. Simply hold your card against the payment terminal and your purchase will be completed without touching the keypad. For sums exceeding CHF 80, you will need to enter your PIN. You can keep an eye on your finances and conveniently access your card data at any time in e-finance and via the PostFinance App.

Download the PostFinance App from the App Store or Google Play

Payment via mobile phone

Thanks to PostFinance TWINT, you can make cashless payments with ease via your smartphone. You can also make contactless payments at ATMs or parking meters, or send money directly to friends’ or acquaintances’ mobile numbers. Simply download the PostFinance TWINT App, link it to your account and you’re ready to get started. Or activate your digital PostFinance Card in CHF in the PostFinance App, and make payments conveniently with your Android smartphone at numerous contactless-enabled payment terminals in Switzerland. 

In contrast to contactless cards, no PIN has to be entered at the terminal for amounts over CHF 80 when paying with PostFinance TWINT or the digital PostFinance Card, as payments are approved directly on your mobile phone.

Download the TWINT App directly from the App Store or Google Play

Shop online easily and conveniently

Purchase digital credit

Purchase credit for apps, music, films, games and more from home at any time with the PostFinance App and in e-finance, and then get started.

Download the PostFinance App from the App Store or Google Play

Online shopping made easy

Various payment options are available for online shopping. Making direct payment for your online purchases is easy with your PostFinance Card and the PostFinance credit card. Alternatively, you can also pay for the items in your shopping basket with PostFinance TWINT, or shop now and settle the bill later via e-finance. All conveniently and securely from wherever you choose to shop online. 

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