Login procedures

Which e-finance login method is right for me? The requirements for login procedures vary. That's why we offer you various options that allow you to log in easily and conveniently. Select the procedure that best meets your needs.

For our tried-and-tested login procedure, you require the free card reader and your PostFinance Card, which you use to generate your access code for e-finance.

Log in conveniently with Mobile ID on the device that you always have with you - your mobile phone. You can generate your access code for e-finance quickly and easily by entering your Mobile ID PIN. Use of Mobile ID is free of charge in the first year, and thereafter costs only CHF 4 annually.

Log in securely

No matter which type of login you choose, all our procedures use multiple authentication factors and meet the highest security requirements. In addition, the data transmitted between your device and PostFinance is encrypted at all times.