Security software

Panda Security is a leading international developer of antivirus solutions. Choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Basic protection: Panda Antivirus Pro

Protect yourself against malware and cybercriminals.

  • Single computer: CHF 16.40
  • 3 computers/devices: CHF 37.70 (new), CHF 28.40 (renewal)

Advanced protection: Panda Internet Security

Protect yourself against malware, cybercriminals and identity theft. Your valuable data will also be secure.

  • Single computer: CHF 22.90
  • 3 computers: CHF 52.90 (new), CHF 47.40 (renewal)

Comprehensive protection: Panda Global Protection

In addition to the protective measures offered by Panda Internet Security, performance-enhancing cleaning functions help improve the protection of your system even more. 

  • Single computer: CHF 32.80
  • 3 computers/devices: CHF 75.60 (new), CHF 66.50 (renewal))