Secure mobile banking with login via app

With mobile banking you can access e-financing and e-trading with ease, anywhere and at any time. Login via app provides particularly quick and easy access, where you log in by fingerprint or Face ID. Find out here how secure the procedure is and how you can protect your devices from data misuse by taking just a few precautions.

  • Our apps automatically use a secure, encrypted connection to PostFinance. As a result, nobody can intercept or modify the data transmitted. The technology used for this is Transport Layer Security (TLS), and it generally uses a 256-bit key. The certificate required is obtained as a digital identity card from the Swiss certification body SwissSign AG.

    Avoid public hotspots and only use encrypted WLAN connections from operators that you trust.

  • Password

    Choose a secure password with digits and letters or special characters that contains at least 10 characters. Make sure that nobody sees you entering your password and do not reveal your password to anyone. Change the password if you think that a third party knows it.


    The operating system you have (iOS or Android) will provide the fingerprint technology. The use of this function is at your own risk. PostFinance has no influence over any security gaps in fingerprint technology. To use fingerprint identification securely, please follow these tips:

    • Only store your own fingerprints because every fingerprint stored on your device can be used to log in
    • Store a fingerprint for a finger you don’t/rarely use on the display, e.g. your middle finger or ring ringer

    Face ID

    Face ID technology is provided by Apple. The use of this function is at your own risk. PostFinance has no influence over any security gaps in fingerprint technology. In order to use Face ID securely, be sure to only store your own face on your device. This is because, if Face ID is activated, any face ID on your device can be used to log in.

  • Use device locks

    Activate the device lock and protect your data from prying eyes. Even if your smartphone or tablet is only unattended for a short time.

    Protect your device

    Keep your device protected and do not give access to third parties.

    Deactivate the simple code (iPhone)

    The iPhone factory standard with the 4-digit numerical code is insufficient for financial transactions. Set a complex unlock code on your iPhone by going to: Settings > Touch ID & Code > Deactivate simple code

    Do not reveal the code to any third parties. Change the code if you think that a third party knows the code for unlocking your device.

    Apps from official sources

    Apps are checked for malicious code in the App Store and on Google Play. Always obtain your apps from authorized, credible providers.

    Jailbreaking & rooting

    Jailbreaking or rooting can be used to bypass the security functions of the operating system. Avoid making modifications of this kind. For security reasons, it is no longer possible to use the PostFinance App (version 4.8.0 and above) on rooted/jailbroken smartphones.

    Virus scanners

    Smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system should be protected with a virus scanner. These can be obtained and installed via Google Play.


    Keep your operating system and the apps you have installed up to date at all times. Most devices send you a notification when new software is available.

    Questions about the PostFinance App?

    Lost your smartphone with the PostFinance App? Or do you have any general questions about the app or regarding suspicious transactions?

    Call us on: 0848 880 044 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)