eBanking – but secure!

«eBanking − but secure!» is an independent platform run by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Information Technology that helps you to better understand your personal information security. Interested parties can find practical information on the ebankingabersicher.ch website about the measures and rules of conduct necessary for the secure use of e-banking applications.

Tips from "eBanking - but secure!" for carefree holidays

Your smartphone or tablet will no doubt come along on holiday with you. It’s handy to take souvenir snaps and stay in contact with friends and family, but maybe also to keep an eye on your finances or make an urgent payment.

For a totally relaxed holiday, use our checklist to protect your mobile device and any data stored there.

Don’t give Harold Hacker a chance to scam you!

Take a look at the methods Harald Hacker uses to try and gain access to Sebastian Sparmeier’s bank account and learn how you can protect yourself easily and effectively against online fraudsters.

Courses on computer security

Your computer is exposed to a range of threats on the Internet. Experts at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts offer a range of courses named “eBanking – but secure!”, which provide information on computer security. The courses are available in ten different cities.

Five steps to increase security

PostFinance and other banks have written a simple guide that explains how you can protect yourself from data loss, malware and attempted fraud in five steps.

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