Software for e-finance

There are a number of payment software options for private customers that make it very simple to process data for electronic payment transactions in e-finance.

The software solutions for private financial management and payment transactions are perfectly tailored to PostFinance’s services. This ensures optimal interaction between payment transactions and your finances.

PostFinance works closely with specially selected partners. As a result, PostFinance’s services correspond perfectly to customer requirements and are always up to date.

  • This software manages all your e-banking and e-finance contracts, providing you with a complete overview of your accounts, account balances and outgoing/incoming payments at all times. You can control your budget effortlessly thanks to the integrated budget planning feature.

  • Secure, direct access without using a browser with the option of storing your contract number, username and password. Variable security elements are requested in the same way as for online access. Benefit from convenient, simple e-banking software that allows clear offline payment entry and transfers data quickly and securely.

  • MacPay+ is a complete payment, invoice management and account monitoring solution specially developed for MacOS along with users and PostFinance.

  • ShakeHands Kontor 2014 Freeware is the basic module for managing addresses, open items and cash books, and for simple bookkeeping. ShakeHands Conto Saldo Express is for double-entry bookkeeping and offers an import function, a balance sheet and income statement report function as well as private and budget templates.