Retirement funds PostFinance Pension 25

PostFinance Pension 25 (Security number 1,205,626)

The fund invests in money market investments, bonds, equities and commodities around the world, as well as in Swiss real estate. The strategic equity component stands at 25%, with 4% each invested in real estate and commodities respectively. The foreign currency portion stands at around 12%. The fund is passively managed, i.e. it tracks a benchmark index. As a result, investors benefit from low fund costs and a performance that closely reflects that of the benchmark index. The fund is rebalanced back to its original weighting once a month. The only authorised investments are assets from occupational pension and tied retirement savings schemes in Switzerland (pillar 2 and pillar 3a).

Funds category: Provident funds

Risk classification:

in CHF: 14 %

Price: CHF 116.37 (20.09.2017)

Funds performance since 01.01.2017:
2.75% (20.09.2017)

Morningstar Rating™
4 of 5 possible stars
  • Fund structure by currencies in %

    89.75% Swiss Franc, 6.28% US Dollar, 1.27% Euro, 0.93% Yen, 0.69% Pound Sterling, 1.07% Others
    1. 89.75% Swiss Franc
    2. 6.28% US Dollar
    3. 1.27% Euro
    4. 0.93% Yen
    5. 0.69% Pound Sterling
    6. 1.07% Others

    Fund structure by investment instrument in %

    66.68% Bonds, 25.16% Equities, 4.06% Commodities , 3.97% Real Estate, 0.13% Money Market
    1. 66.68% Bonds
    2. 25.16% Equities
    3. 4.06% Commodities
    4. 3.97% Real Estate
    5. 0.13% Money Market

    Performance previous month

    These figures refer to the past. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The performance shown does not take account of any commissions and costs charged when subscribing to units.

    ¹As part of the realignment of the PostFinance fund offering, this fund's investment policy was revised with effect from 4.8.2008 and from 1.2.2013.
    Zeit Funds Benchmark¹
    [Zeit] YTD (01.01.2017 - 20.09.2017) Funds 2.75 Benchmark¹ n.a
    [Zeit] 2016 Funds 1.62 Benchmark¹ 2.94
    [Zeit] 2015 Funds -0.05 Benchmark¹ 0.33
    [Zeit] 2014 Funds 6.65 Benchmark¹ 7.91
    [Zeit] Ø from the last 3 years Funds 1.92 Benchmark¹ 3.10
    [Zeit] Ø from the last 5 years Funds 2.85 Benchmark¹ 3.64
    [Zeit] Ø from the last 10 years Funds 2.28 Benchmark¹ 3.15
    [Zeit] Ø since inception Funds 2.35 Benchmark¹ n.a
    [Zeit] Inception date Funds 31.05.2001 Benchmark¹
    Winner 2017
    Group Award "Mixed Assets Small Companies"
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  • Fund features

    Fund domicile Switzerland
    [Fund domicile] Fund management Switzerland UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG
    [Fund domicile] Fund Management Switzerland UBS Asset Management
    [Fund domicile] Custodian Bank Switzerland UBS Switzerland AG
    [Fund domicile] Currency of account Switzerland CHF
    [Fund domicile] Daily order entry till Switzerland 10:00 Time
    [Fund domicile] Financial year ends Switzerland End of March
    [Fund domicile] Distribution Switzerland No
    [Fund domicile] Last dividend on Switzerland 05.06.2014
    [Fund domicile] Swinging Single Pricing Switzerland Yes
    [Fund domicile] Subject to withholding tax Switzerland No
    [Fund domicile] Taxable value in CHF (n.a) Switzerland n.a
    [Fund domicile] Taxable income year (n.a) Switzerland n.a
    [Fund domicile] Annual fees Total Expense Ratio (TER) as of (31.03.2017) Switzerland 0.87%
    [Fund domicile] Benchmark Switzerland PostFinance Pension 25 mixed index
    [Fund domicile] Fund’s assets in mn. CHF Switzerland 195.09
    [Fund domicile] High last 12 months (daily price) from (08.08.2017) Switzerland 117.18
    [Fund domicile] Low 12 months (daily price) from (14.11.2016) Switzerland 111.77

    The 10 largest equity positions

    Nestle 2.53
    Novartis 2.01
    Roche 1.61
    UBS Group 0.61
    Richemont 0.45
    Zurich 0.43
    ABB 0.41
    Credit Suisse 0.32
    Swiss RE 0.28
    LafargeHolcim 0.27

    Key figures

    Modified Duration 4.32
    Average maturity in years n.a
    Sharpe Ratio (3 years) 0.83
    Risk-Free Rate (3 years) -0.69


    2 years 2.89
    3 years 3.19
    5 years 2.99
  • Report of the portfolio manager - 2 quarter 2017

    On 14 June, interest rates were raised in the USA, as expected, by a further 25 basis points and the target range was increased to a range from 1% to 1.25%.Global equity markets reacted positively to the rate hike and, overall, had a good 2nd quarter. Swiss equities (+5.09%) and global, CHF-hedged government bonds (+0.23%) made a positive contribution to investment success. However, global equities in CHF (-0.63%), domestic bonds (-0.59%) and also CHF bonds issued abroad (-0.23%) weighed negatively on the Fund's performance. The overall investment result was positive.

    Performance chart

    These figures refer to the past. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The performance shown does not take account of any commissions and costs charged when subscribing to units.