The QR-bill for private use

Simply scan in and pay.

It comes in plain black and white with an unmissable QR code: from 30 June 2020, you will come across the QR-bill more and more, which will help you make inpayments with ease. You will find everything you need to know here.

What is the QR-bill?

The QR-bill makes issuing and paying invoices simpler, and is being introduced throughout Switzerland in order to modernize payment transactions. Its most striking feature is the QR code, which contains all key payment information. It is digitally readable, for instance using a smartphone or a slip scanner. Of course you can also find all the important information in writing. The QR-bill is set to replace the current red and orange inpayment slips in future. 

A summary of your benefits

    • Quick and convenient: it is really easy to scan in the QR code using a smartphone
    • Quick and automatic: just one click is all it takes to trigger the payment
    • You can continue to make payments at Swiss Post counters or by post
  • You can pay a QR-bill in the following ways:

    Via e-finance

    Open e-finance, scan the QR code on the QR-bill using the QR reader provided by the PostFinance App or using PayEye, and then trigger the payment with a click. In the fast service, this “Scan inpayment slips” function (Scan now + Pay later) is available only for inpayment slips, but not for QR bills. If you do not use a QR reader, you will find all the information you need to make your payment next to the QR code. Enter this in the payment screen in e-finance and trigger the payment.

    Via mobile banking with the PostFinance App

    Open the PostFinance App and log into e-finance. Scan the QR code on the QR-bill using the integrated QR reader function and trigger the payment with a fingerprint or FaceID.  

    Per payment order

    Order payment order forms from us, enter the total amount, the due date and the number of payment slips in the form, confirm all this information with your signature and send the slips and the form to us in the franked envelope. QR bills can be paid together with the red payment slips and orange payment slips with reference numbers in the same payment order. We execute your payments on the day you specify.

    By standing order

    You can set up a standing order for recurring QR-bills (e.g. for rent or lease payments) You can either set one up in e-finance, or you can set it up in writing by sending us a form.

    At Swiss Post branches

    Either pay your QR-bill at a counter at a self-operated Swiss Post branch or a branch with partner. You can also pay QR-bills using the home delivery service, or at deposit terminals at selected Swiss Post branches.  

  • You can create QR-bills yourself and print them out on white, perforated paper for delivery. PostFinance will provide you with a QR generator.

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