Mobile Money Transfer

Cash transfer in seconds

With Mobile Money Transfer you can transfer cash to mobile numbers in seconds.

Cancellation of the Mobile Money Transfer service from 31.12.2017

PostFinance is moving in a new strategic direction. Mobile Money Transfer will no longer be a part of our range of services from 1 January 2018. You will only be able to request transfers until 31 December 2017.

For questions about current or pending payments, please call us on: +41 58 667 97 65.

Mobile Money Transfer: faster and more secure money transfers

  • Secure cash transfer to a mobile number

  • Credit transfer via e-finance

  • Credited to the recipient within seconds

  • The sender receives an SMS as soon as the amount has been credited to the recipient

  • Transfer up to CHF 500 per day

  • For money transfers to: Armenia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka

  • Preconditions

    A private account in CHF with access to e-finance is required for Mobile Money Transfer. For the transfer to be carried out, the recipient must be also registered for a mobile wallet service with his or her mobile phone service provider.

    Log in to e-finance directly and activate Mobile Money Transfer via the “Offers“ menu item. Mobile Money Transfer will be available within 24 hours via the “Transfer” menu item.


    • The amount is available to the recipient within seconds after the transfer
    • Depending on the recipient’s country, the transfer amount can be used to pay invoices, to top up talktime credit or to make purchases
    • The amount can be paid out in cash depending on the recipient’s mobile phone service provider

    Here’s how it works

    • The order is placed in e-finance
    • The sender’s and recipient’s mobile phone number is required for the money transfer
    • The transfer amount and transaction fee are debited directly from the private account
    • The specified amount is credited to the recipient
    • The sender receives an SMS as soon as the amount has been credited to the recipient

    Info hotline

    For questions on Mobile Money Transfer, please call +41 58 667 97 65.

  • Credit transfer with Mobile Money Transfer

    Transfer amount from CHF 0 to CHF 125
    CHF 5
    Transfer amount from CHF 125.01 to CHF 500
    4% of the transfer amount


    The maximum amount that can be sent or paid out of CHF 500 is country-dependent. This maximum amount applies per person, per transaction and per day.

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