Inpayment slip

The traditional payment collection solution

With the red inpayment slip, you can pay your invoices and transfer money to other accounts.

Inpayment slip: for your manual invoicing

  • Simplified invoicing

  • Personal messages accepted 

  • All inpayment slips in CHF or EUR

  • To order red inpayment slips (IS), you need a PostFinance private account.

  • Execution types

    • Plain or pre-printed: with your account number, postal address and the amount in CHF or EUR
    • Message field: available pre-printed or left free for your customers

    Up to 100 slips, pre-printed/plain

    Free of charge for orders per calendar year

    From 100 slips, pre-printed

    CHF 0.10 per slip, maximum 1000 copies per calendar year

    From 100 slips, plain

    CHF 0.02 per slip, maximum 1000 copies per calendar year

    Charges for data delivery – red inpayment slips (IS)

    You will receive data delivery of credited inpayment slips with your account statement. This is free of charge.

    Prices for counter inpayments

    For the payer, online and counter inpayments are free of charge.
    For the recipient, online payments are free of charge. The costs for counter inpayments can be found in the price list.

    Online credit transfers

    Online transfers are free of charge for the payer and recipient.

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