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Everything you need to know about buying a home

Do you dream of owning your own four walls? Make your dreams come true and prepare yourself in the best possible way. How feasible is financing your own home or owner-occupied flat? Which type of mortgage is best for you? We will guide you along the path to an appropriate financing solution.

  • To buy a home you need at least 20 percent of the purchase price (market value) as equity. You can obtain the remaining external funds, up to a maximum of 80 percent from PostFinance in the form of a mortgage. The market value is the amount of money that can be generated from selling the property. Equity can take the form of savings or securities, retirement funds from the second and third pillars, life insurance or other sources, such as an advance against inheritance.

  • As well as the purchase price, ongoing costs also accrue. These are taken into consideration when calculating the overall financial situation. Mortgage costs, amortization, maintenance and utilities all count towards the annual ongoing costs of a property. Maintenance is calculated at 1% of the market value.

  • Mortgage debt equivalent to two thirds of the value of your property (market value) must be repaid after 15 years and at the latest by the time you retire, whichever occurs first. You have the choice between direct and indirect amortization.

    Direct amortization

    You pay back the mortgage in regular instalments. This means the amount of the mortgage is reduced with every payment and the interest costs therefore also decrease. On the other hand, less debt interest can be deducted on your tax return.

    Indirect amortization

    You pay the amortization amounts into a pledged retirement planning solution: into a life insurance plan, PF Pension – ESG 25 Fund, PF Pension – ESG 50 Fund and PF Pension – ESG 75 Fund or the retirement savings account 3a. The mortgage and debt interest constantly remain at the same rate. The amounts you pay in can be fully deducted from your taxable income.

  • To ensure that you can still afford your home in the long term with higher levels of interest, you must also fulfil the financial affordability criteria: a mortgage interest rate of 5% is currently used to calculate affordability. The total annual ongoing costs calculated as a result must not exceed 33% of your gross income.

  • Starting point

    Market value (100%)
    CHF 500,000
    Equity (20%)
    CHF 100,000
    Mortgage required (80%)
    CHF 400,000

    Proportion of mortgage to be amortized

    Mortgage required (80%)
    CHF 400,000
    Less first mortage (67% of the market value)
    CHF 335,000
    Total amortization
    CHF 65,000

    Annual financial burden

    Assumption: Direct amortization in 15 years (until the age of 65)

    Mortgage interest costs (long-term average 5%)
    CHF 20,000
    Amortization (1/15 of the proportion of the mortgage to be amortized)
    CHF 4,355
    Maintenance and utilities (1% of the market value)
    CHF 5,000
    CHF 29,355

    Gross income required

    Financial burden must not exceed 33% of gross income
    CHF 29,355
    CHF 88,065
  • PostFinance works with the following cooperation partners to offer financing services: Valiant Bank AG, Berne and Münchener Hypothekenbank eG, Munich.