LIBOR mortgage with CAP

Flexible & secure

With the LIBOR mortgage with CAP from PostFinance, taking out a mortgage is flexible and secure. The interest rate is adjusted every 3 months over the term of 3 years. You get the security of a maximum interest rate.

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LIBOR mortgage with CAP: flexible interest rates with fixed protection

  • Mortgage with interest adjustments every 3 months and the security of a maximum interest rate

  • Term: 3 years; end of the term at the end of each quarter

  • Direct or indirect amortization through your retirement savings account 3a, retirement funds, PostFinance Pension 25, PostFinance Pension 45 and PostFinance Pension 75 or life insurance

  • Preconditions

    • Natural persons with a permanent domicile in Switzerland
    • Swiss citizens or foreigners with either a B or C residence permit 


    Maximum amount
    • Single-family homes (owner-occupied): max 80% of property value
    • Apartments (owner-occupied): max 80% of property value
    • Holiday homes/apartments: max 75% of property value
    Reference interest rate
    3-month LIBOR
    Go to SWAP and LIBOR reference interest rates
    Interest due dates
    Quarterly (31.03. / 30.06. / 30.09. / 31.12.)
    Payment method
    Payments falling due are debited directly from your private account via Swiss Direct Debit (no inpayment slips are sent)

    Account management

    Account management is free of charge for mortgages.
  • Current interest rates (for new business)

    Mortgage interest rates valid as of 23.08.2017

    LIBOR mortgage with CAP
    Maximum interest rate

    The interest rates are standard rates for best creditworthiness. Data is given for information purposes only and is non-binding. The interest rate is based on the 3-month LIBOR rate at the start of the current quarter. The next update will take place at the end of the current quarter.

    Terms for interest rates

    All interest rates apply to first-class residential real estate and borrowers (best creditworthiness). Individual customer interest rates are fixed according to risk. This means that the loan-to-value and financial burden ratios for individual customers have an impact on the amount of interest payable.

    Term and maximum interest rate

    The interest rate is revised each quarter. It is based on the 3-month LIBOR rate and stays fixed for each quarter. Your advantages: you benefit from falls in interest rates.

    A maximum interest rate is set for each 3-year loan tranche/series. Your advantages: you are protected from rises in interest rates.

  • Minimum amount/loan

    • Minimum amount: CHF 100,000
    • Loan: max 80% of the property value for owner-occupied properties; max 75% of the property value for holiday properties
    • Financial burden: max 33% of gross income

    Prepayment penalty

    In the event of early repayment, the customer shall pay compensation to PostFinance in accordance with the contractual provisions in the credit agreement.

    Reminder/third-party fees

    • Reminder fees of CHF 20 will be charged for interest and amortization in arrears, indirect amortization, insurance premiums for pledged policies (first demand is free of charge, +/- prepayment penalty)
    • Third-party fees (e.g. land register fees) will be passed on to the customer

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