Tracker certificates

Invest easily in global trends

PostFinance offers various tracker certificates to help you participate in global trends. Tracker certificates allow you to easily invest in a theme of your choice diversified, even with small sums of money. PostFinance acts as guarantor and makes its creditworthiness available to purchasers (AA/A-1+ bank rating from Standard & Poor’s).

  • Tracker certificate on the Swissquote Gender Equality Index

    The United Nations has defined a total of 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. The goals are aimed at everyone, from states to civil society, and from economic and scientific stakeholders to each and every individual. The international community has designated gender equality as SDG 5. The main focus of this goal is the ending of discrimination against women and girls and the elimination of all forms of violence against them. Another target of the goal is “to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership”.  It covers all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life. This tracker certificate on the Swissquote Gender Equality Index makes it easy for you to participate in companies that take a pioneering role on the issue of gender equality.

  • Tracker certificate on the Swissquote Green Energy Index

    The topic of sustainable / green energy is a key component on the path towards carbon neutrality. Driven by increasing energy consumption around the world, global investment in clean energy is also growing. Companies which have positioned themselves to benefit from the increasing demand for renewable energies are finding themselves in a growth market. Solar and wind energy, thermal energy, biofuels and energy from other renewable sources are currently attracting massive investment. The tracker certificate on the Swissquote Green Energy Index offers a diversified way to get involved in this trend.

  • Tracker certificate on the Swissquote Blockchain Index

    Blockchain has developed into one of the hottest trends on the financial markets − strengthened further by the accelerating process of digitization around the world. As a digital, decentralized system, blockchain is perfect for running digital registers or documenting transactions. Blockchain technology has particularly high potential for use in platforms for banking and payment services and in the areas of cyber-security, supply chains, insurance, technology, Internet of Things (IoT), law and real estate. The tracker certificate on the Swissquote Blockchain Index offers you a diversified way to participate in the future development of the blockchain economy.

  • Tracker certificate on the Future of Food Index

    In the food industry, there is a clear trend towards sustainable and healthy foods. The areas of agriculture, agritech, food production and distribution offer great potential. The experts from Tareno AG have designed the Future of Food index in association with Leonteq and PostFinance. It covers the entire “Future of Food” value chain and selects the most promising companies in accordance with ESG sustainability criteria, fundamental data and momentum. The tracker certificate represents a diversified way to invest in change in the food sector.

  • Tracker certificate on the Swissquote Global eMobility Index

    Electric mobility is a major trend. All over the world, more and more electric vehicles are on the roads. State incentives related to climate protection and falling prices are giving the market a push. The demand for alternative drive systems is higher than ever. The tracker certificate on the Swissquote Global eMobility Index offers diversified access to global companies focussing on electric vehicles and their drive technology.

  • Tracker certificate on the Swissquote Global Recycling Index

    How we handle waste is one of the greatest challenges facing society, together with climate change. There can be no solutions to global waste problems without innovative companies. Whether you are interested in recycling, waste management, water treatment or efficient packaging: with the Swissquote Global Recycling Index, you can target your investment in companies that are active in areas such as recycling, waste management, water treatment, pollution monitoring or other environmental services.

  • Tracker certificate on the Solactive® Industrial Robotics & Automation Index

    The fourth industrial revolution or “Industry 4.0” is definitely more than just a meaningless buzzword. Artificial intelligence, robotics and automation are all topics that are here to stay. “Smart” factories and systems are being created. Production and logistics processes are smart, autonomous and can also be coordinated remotely. With the “Industrial Robotics & Automation” tracker certificate you can actively invest in digital change, while at the same time benefiting from the investment opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

  • The documentation for structured products sold by PostFinance can be found at or ordered free of charge by calling the Investment Business Support team. Purchases can be made online in e-finance or by calling the Investment Business Support team.

    In accordance with CISA, structured products are not deemed to be collective capital investments and are therefore not subject to authorization or supervision by FINMA.

    As an investor, all investment decisions are taken at your own risk and you assume any losses which may result. The information and details on financial products mentioned on this website are not intended to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial products. This information does not take into consideration the specific or future investment goals, financial or tax situation or particular needs of any specific recipient. Investments in structured products should only be made if the customer is familiar with the functionality, trends, structures and risks of structured products. The value of structured products can fluctuate, regardless of past returns. There is an additional currency risk involved in foreign currency investments. It is not possible to guarantee that the invested capital will retain its value.

    None of the structured products sold by PostFinance may be offered or sold within the USA, or to persons who are US citizens, are resident in the USA, or are required to pay taxes in the USA. PostFinance does not distribute or sell structured products to persons who are resident outside of Switzerland. In such countries, PostFinance structured products are not offered and are therefore not available.

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