Build up your assets with an individual investment strategy

Building up assets made easy: whether you want to invest only occasionally or regularly, find the right fund for your needs. Now you can purchase fund units easily online in e-finance.

Build up assets in the long termBuild up assets in the long term

If you purchase funds by 31 May 2020, you will pay a maximum issuing commission of CHF 20 – regardless of the investment amount.

Funds from PostFinance: solid performance and low overall costs

  • You do not pay any custody account fees

  • Invest from just CHF 20 monthly with a funds saving plan

  • Individual purchases from just CHF 2´000

  • Whether for short- or long-term investment horizons: the invested capital remains available daily

  • Clear portfolio with outstanding funds

  • Free private account management if you have investment assets of at least CHF 25,000

  • In Switzerland, more than 9,000 funds are authorized for public sale. In order to help customers choose funds, PostFinance has compiled an attractive range of funds which comprises 9 of its own funds and around 40 third-party funds. Funds from PostFinance provide solid performance and low overall costs. Our performance promise:

    • Solid performance: consistent, attractive fund performance
    • Low overall costs: free custody account management, low management fees and inexpensive issuing commission of 1% (holders of a private account plus, youth or student account pay only 0.5% commission)
  • A decisive factor in fund investment is how and over what period of time the money should be invested. In principle, PostFinance offers two investment options:

    • Individual purchase: Initial purchase from CHF 2,000 (subsequent purchases from CHF 100)
    • Fund plan: from CHF 20 fortnightly / monthly / every 2 months / quarterly
  • You can sell fund units directly in e-finance, or you can issue an order for the redemption of fund units in a PostFinance branch. The corresponding private account will be credited with the proceeds.

  • All prices and conditions are stated in CHF or foreign currency equivalent.


    Individual purchase
    From CHF 2,000
    Subsequent purchase
    From CHF 100
    Funds saving plan
    • From CHF 20
    • Optional purchase periods: fortnightly, monthly, every two months or quarterly
    Issuing commission on purchase amount
    • 1% (max. CHF 1,000 per transaction)
    • 0.5% (max. CHF 500 per transaction with private account plus, youth or student accounts)
    Swiss federal stamp duty for funds domiciled abroad

    You will not pay custody account fees and, if you have investment assets of over CHF 25,000, you will not pay account management fees for your private account. Investment assets are recalculated monthly. The amount at the end of the month – made up of the total of investment funds (PostFinance Fonds, third-party funds), retirement funds and e-trading (custody account assets without cash) – is taken into account.


    Redemption to a private account
    Minimum amount for redemption
    CHF 100

    Fund withdrawal plan

    Redemption to a private account
    Minimum amount for partial redemption
    CHF 100

    Electronic delivery of fund units

    Available only for third-party funds

    Swiss securities or foreign securities
    CHF 100 per position (excl. 7,7% VAT)

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