Funds saving plan

Build up assets with small sums

Build up assets systematically and in the long run with a funds saving plan: you can invest as little as 20 francs in the fund of your choice. You can open a funds saving plan really easily online in e-finance, or you can go to your nearest PostFinance branch to do so in person.

Funds saving plan: invest regularly and benefit in the long run

  • You decide how much you would like to invest yourself, from as little as CHF 20

  • You can increase, reduce or suspend your inpayments at any time

  • You will reduce your investment risk because you will be compensating for price fluctuations in the long term

  • You do not pay any custody fees

  • With a funds saving plan, you invest regularly in financial markets, build up your assets systematically and benefit from the cost averaging effect. You can alter the amount and frequency (twice a month, monthly, every two months or quarterly) at any time.

    This compensates for price fluctuations

    This example explains the cost averaging effect: with a funds saving plan, fund units are purchased six times at different prices over a certain period of time. The higher the price, the fewer units are bought. The lower the price, the more units are bought. This compensates for price fluctuations over time.

    When the rate is low, more fund units are bought; when the rate is higher, fewer fund units are bought. Over a longer period of time, an average price emerges and you avoid the risk of fluctuations.

    This example explains the cost averaging effect: a funds saving plan worth 100 francs is set up with six inpayments. The fund units you receive in return vary substantially. Sometimes you receive more for your money, sometimes less. This allows investors to minimize the risk of selling at an unfavourable time of entry.
  • A funds saving plan is advisable if you want to make regular, long-term investments in funds and therefore reduce the risk of choosing the wrong time of entry. Depending on your financial means, you can also invest in funds with individual purchases and increase your assets with a funds saving plan. A funds saving plan or individual purchase will generate higher returns, depending on market developments and point of entry. You should always bear in mind that it is difficult to predict future trends. A funds saving plan helps you by and large to reduce the risk of choosing the wrong moment to invest.

    What is a funds saving plan?

  • In Switzerland, more than 9,000 funds are authorized for public sale. In order to help customers choose funds, PostFinance has compiled an attractive range of funds which comprises nine of its own funds and about 40 third-party funds. The funds provide solid performance and low overall costs.

    Our performance target:

    • Solid performance: consistent, attractive fund performance
    • Low overall costs: free custody account management, low management fees and an inexpensive issuing commission of 1% (holders of a private account plus, youth or student accounts pay only 0.5% commission)
  • All prices and conditions are stated in CHF or foreign currency equivalent.


    Funds saving plan
    • From CHF 20
    • Possible frequency: twice a month, monthly, every two months or quarterly
    Opening, amending and cancelling the funds saving plan
    Free of charge
    Issuing commission on purchase amount
    • 1% (max. CHF 1,000 per transaction)
    • 0.5% (max. CHF 500 per transaction with a private account plus, youth accounts and student accounts)
    Federal turnover tax on overseas funds

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