More information about the promotion

Subscriber Conditions special offer

To benefit from up to CHF 100 of credit from inpayments you have made into a funds saving plan, the following conditions apply:

  • all PostFinance customers who open a new funds saving plans between 11.02.2019 and 30.04.2019 are eligible to participate. You will need to show proof of at least 6 payments, and the funds saving plan must still be active on 31.10.2019.
  • The average sum of the 6 payments is reimbursed for up to CHF 100
  • Participation is for all funds in the current range. Money market funds, retirement funds and fund unit purchases via e-trading are not included.
  • The offer is also valid for fund custody accounts that are operated with a partner account or in a partner relationship.
  • Payments into the funds saving plan (from CHF 20) must be made monthly.
  • Each customer may participate with up to 3 new funds saving plans covered by this special offer, and may benefit from credit of up to CHF 100 (maximum credit of CHF 300 in total).
  • The credit will be paid in a one-off payment at the end of November  2019 to the debit account of your funds saving plan.
  • How should the funds saving plan be structured?

    The funds saving plan must be reopened with monthly inpayments. New funds saving plans in which payments are made twice monthly, every two months or quarterly are not included in the offer. Note: closing and reopening a funds saving plan is not regarded as a new funds saving plan.

    What is the maximum number of funds saving plans I can have and still benefit from the promotion?

    Up to three new funds saving plans per customer relationship can benefit from the promotion. For example: if you manage your own private account, then that is regarded as one customer relationship. If you also manage a partner account jointly with someone else, then that counts as a separate customer relationship.

    Is the promotion also valid if I open a funds saving plan online?

    You can open the funds saving plan via e-finance, by completing a request form or with an advisor at your local branch.

    What is meant exactly by “a customer” in this special offer? I have a joint account with my spouse.

    The offer is valid per customer or customer relationship. For instance, if you have your own private account, then that is regarded as one customer. If you also have a partner account together with someone else, then that is similarly regarded as “one customer”.

    Does the promotion also apply if I already have funds?

    The offer applies to all newly opened funds saving plans which fulfil the requirements.
    It doesn’t matter whether you have already invested in funds in the past or not.
    For example: one year ago you purchased XY fund and would now like to set up an additional funds saving plan for it.