Fixed-term deposits

Benefit from higher potential returns

Fixed-term deposits are the right money market instrument for investors who want to invest their surplus cash in the short to medium term. You determine the term of your investment yourself.

Fixed-term deposits: determine the term yourself

  • Flexible term to maturity

  • Short- to medium-term investment

  • No commission

  • Amounts below CHF 1 million (or equivalent in a foreign currency): Standard interest rate on request

  • Amounts above CHF 1 million (or equivalent in a foreign currency): Individual market conditions

  • Value date/withholding tax

    Debit/credit to business account
    On the trade date
    Withholding tax

    Investment currencies

    CHF Swiss franc
    AUD Australian dollar
    CAD Canadian dollar
    DKK Danish krone
    EUR Euro
    GBP British pound
    JPY Japanese yen
    NOK Norwegian krone
    SEK Swedish krona
    USD American dollar

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